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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Michael Floyd: Drunk Like a Champion Last Weekend

Notre Dame receiver Michael Floyd - the school leader in TD receptions - was arrested over the weekend for DUI, blowing a .19 which is just a nudge over the .08 legal limit in Indiana.

And this isn't Floyd's first alcohol-related offense.  In May, 2009, and January, 2010, he was cited for underage alcohol consumption.

After the latest incident, Irish coach Brian Kelly suspended Floyd "indefinitely" and said he didn't know a timetable for determining Floyd's future.

Anybody want to bet the conclusion of that timetable and punishment for this 3x offender will be sometime before Notre Dame's second game against Michigan?  Anybody?


phil said...

Brian Kelly's call to Jim Tressel:

b - "jim, i have a situation here and need your advice"
j - "can you email me the details?"

Reed said...

Notre Dame's not in the SEC, and they're not Ohio $tate. For isntance, at Notre Dame they take more pride in their graduation rate than wins on the field (you take what you can get these days I guess). I bet he misses the game.

Shorty the Beachcomber said...

Watch out for the Supplemental Draft. The Carolina Panthers may get a serious steal of Floyd doesn't like his punishment, and don't think Brian Kelly isn't taking that into consideration (you would too).

notredamefan_2005 said...

michigan morons. Brady Hoak YESSSSSSSSSSSSS great hire idoits. have fun winning six games.

Yost said...

Struck a nerve, NDFan?

Hey, if anybody knows about shitty hires, it's Notre Dame.