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Monday, March 14, 2011

Guest Post: Tressocchio or Vestocchio?

MZone reader Josh sent us an email with some photoshopped pix saying, "It's uncanny the resemblance Tre$$el has to other famous liars."

While they were all good, this one still has me laughing.  I think we've found a new official pic-slash-avatar for the Tosu head coach.  Simply outstanding.

Only question is what's his name: Tressocchio or Vestocchio?

1 comment:

surrounded in columbus said...

i've been fascinated by tosu fans' reaction to Cicero's emails. his ethical issues aside (i see a suspension, if not disbarment, in his future), many are out of their mind angry about him "compromising" Sweaterboy.

i guess it doesn't occur to many that had Sweaterboy merely sent the email on to his compliance officer he wouldn't have been compromised?

and for those of you (particularly tosu fans) who have doubted my references to over the top tosu fan behavior? i give you exhibit A in the case of "Reasonable vs Tosu, et al"...