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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The emails might not be the most damning part: OSU's letter to the NCAA

Below is the letter detailing the "self-report violation" that OSU sent to the NCAA regarding Tresselgate-slash-Tatgate-slash-They'reFuckedAnd2GamesAin'tGonnaCutIt.

While much attention has focused on the emails between Tressel and a no-longer-anonymous Columbus attorney, think the document below (and the questions raised reading it) may hint that Tosu's and Tressel's aren't over.

Let me just say I will be shocked if the NCAA rubber stamps Tosu's self-imposed wrist slap penalties of a 2 game suspension and $250,000 fine for The Vest.

UPDATE: MZone reader and admitted Buckeye, Dennis, put up a comment that deserved main page status:

Maybe Tressel didn't know who to confide in since they can't even figure out where to sign their names on the letter. sigh

UPDATE II: Matt Hayes at The Sporting News agrees: the letter could be the dagger. (HT: MGoBlog)


Dennis said...

Maybe Tressel didn't know who to confide in since they can't even figure out where to sign their names on the letter. sigh

Yost said...

LOL, Dennis. I think I might just have to put that comment on the main page.

Bigasshammm said...

So if none of the players should have been eligible last season but played anyway does that mean we won?

They should be forced to give all that BcS (read bullshit) Bowl money back since they never should have been there in the first place.

And they don't think this has been going on forever. HA

Yost said...

Actually, BAH, considering our defense last year, I think the waterboy could've started and we'd probably have lost.

phil said...

Yost, I must respectfully disagree with your assessment about the water boy for tUOS. He is under investigation also for trading autographed drinking cups for tats. And there is a conflict of interest since he is the President of Ohio State and not an actual student.

surrounded in columbus said...

well, the funny thing is, that the Sugar Bowl is the ONE game they're almost sure to keep in the record books. the story had broken, disclosure was made, and the Tat 5 played in NOLa w/ the NCAA's approval.

the other 11 wins? not so much. you could end up w/ tosu going 1-12, the only win being a victory in the Sugar Bowl (and perhaps the first bowl victory ever by a team w/ double digit losses in the regular season, at that).

Mikoyan said...

So if they have to forfeit their wins from last year, would that mean that Michigan State could claim it got blown out in the Sugar Bowl instead of where they got blown out? Or would they have gone to the Rose Bowl and got blown out there?

Bigasshammm said...

But the game has already been played and thus will be labeled a "forefeit." Therefore WE WIN!