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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Denard: Kinda of a Big Deal


surrounded in columbus said...

when asked for comment, tosu QB Terror Prior(convictions) was quoted as saying: i'm not disrespecting anyone, but if i played in that system, i'd blow everyone away. i wouldn't be no straight up clue. i'd be like a double jeopardy, or an audio daily double, or one of those real top notch clues. not just some silly ass question on the board like everybody else.

phil said...

For TP:
Tonight's Jeopardy Categories are:
Michael Vick
Everyone Steals
Everyone Kills

whetstonebuck said...

Michigan Fan, you're up.

Alex, I'll take sour grapes for $100.

phil said...

Michigan Fan: I'll take Unwanted Guests for $1000

-Meaning an ugly, vile, annoying pest.

Alex, what is a whetstonebuck?

surrounded in columbus said...

Sour grapes? Maybe overall, but about Prior? Never. I wouldn't trade Denard for him. I wouldn't have traded Tater for him.

whetstonebuck said...

Humor, folks. Just humor.

Catie said...

SIC and Phil, you crack me up! Whets, give it up.

This is a big deal, and DR deserves the attention and he handles it like a humble young gentleman. It is great to be a Michigan Wolverine. :)

whetstonebuck said...


In answer to your question, around one dollar.

Tom C said...

Damn, I thought it was fallopian tubes. wv= michom?

Yost said...

LOL, Tom.

You know, you don't really even have to follow UM or cfb to get this question right. "Gee, what doesn't he like to tie? Um, uh, two pieces of thread from fraying bed sheets?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. The answer is shoes. He doesn't like to tie his shoes."

GoBlueBob said...

Tom.. you are confused. Your question would be for a similar clue about what Sru does not tie.

Tom C said...

GBB, God in heaven Sru has Bred?
The horror!

Mikoyan said...

Suck it, Trebek....

surrounded in columbus said...

it is "Teen Week" on Jeopardy, so the questions are just a tad less daunting.