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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dancing! #8 Michigan vs. # 9 Tennessee

We're in, baby!

Michigan is the #8 seed in the West Region and will play #9 Tennessee.  Winner of that plays the winner of #1 Duke vs. #16 Hampton.

Dare to dream match-up for Michigan:

The #2 seed in the bottom of the West Region is San Diego State, coached by former Michigan head coach Steve Fisher. 

Go Blue!

(vid HT: Varsity Blue via MVictors)


Dennis said...

Congrats on getting in. Missed the game on Saturday due to a wedding. Heard you guys got it close just before the end. We'll see how you do during the tourney, but I think you are in great shape for next year. I'm not sure how as #1 overall we got what might be the hardest region, but we just need to play like we can and things will take care of themselves.

Had a nice trip to A2. I enjoyed the Pure Michigan Sign at the border followed shortly by the junk yard in the trees and the prison nearby don't pick up hitch hikers.

Also, did the Ann Arbor city council get a bulk rate deal on No Turn signs? I didn't get off of State St much, but down by the hotel it seemed like every intersection was either no right or no left or just no turns.

But we had a good time. We did go with Cottage Inn. I liked the sesame seeds on the pizza. My son had a good meet, though he was unhappy with all the Michigan stuff in the arena and refused to order Pop Maize.

Yost said...

That's hilarious re: Pure Mich sign.

Glad you had a good trip, Dennis.