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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Baaaad search engine results bring sheep f*ckers to MZone

Sometimes I check out site's stats to see how folks are finding the MZone.  I especially like to see what Google search terms bring readers to our humble little corner of cyberspace.

For instance, there are some 35 million search results for "M Zone" if you type the term into Google, but we're #1, which is nice.

Sadly, there are some search terms that bring people to our blog who are probably really disappointed when they realize they stumbled upon a college football blog.  Like last night, for example.  I saw somebody came our way after doing a Google search for - wait for it - "Best way to have sex with sheep."

Of the almost 2.2 million (yes, MILLION) results for such a query, for some reason the M Zone shows up in the #3 spot on page one.

Now, I didn't remember writing a sheep f*cker post so I clicked on the link to find this mini-blurb of an off-season post from March 2010 about an Arizona man who was very fond of his neighbors livestock.

See how bleak it gets during the off-season when Ohio State coaches aren't lying and our b-ball team isn't making The Dance?

What are you looking at?  This is a college football blog.

ED. NOTE: Sadly, just posting this post about the above will probably take us to #1 in the sheep f*cker search engine results. Great.


Dennis said...

ED. NOTE: Sadly, just posting this post about the above will probably take us to #1 in the sheep f*cker search engine results. Great.

Just mark it as another accomplishment. Think of it like a bullet point on your performance review.

Been surprised you haven't done anything with this.


I think his vote explanation was BS, but I don't think fans should be going to his house. Curious that he moved to SEC country and not closer to ESPN HQ.

Bigasshammm said...

What's with the eulogy picture of that reporter?

I like how they say vocal minority. Sorry I live here and 80-90% of tUOS fans would be beating down his door. They are at the top of the worst most uneducated fanbase I can think of. I'm surprised he lived here as long as he did.

Bigasshammm said...

Sic might be able to add to that as he lives in the heart of it. I am almost directly halfway between A2 and Cbus and it's terrible here. (2hrs 45 minutes to A2, 2 hrs to Cbus, or 45 minutes if you're really really late getting home from there and you don't have a license anyway!)

surrounded in columbus said...

they're an odd group, and it is hard to classify them.

Herbie's "trouble" started in 2003. gameday was in Columbus for an early season game, and Clarett, who had yet to file suit against the NFL, was suspended. Herbie did an interview w/ him, during which Clarett said some things that landed him in more trouble.

for a year after that, half of columbus referred to Herbie as a "traitor" for having conducted the interview. their frame of mind was that but for Herbie interviewing Clarett, Clarett wouldn't have gotten into anymore trouble. ergo, Herbie should have never interviewed him.

it's similar to the angst over Cicero sending Sweaterboy the emails. legal ethics aside, Cicero's emails, which were clearly warnings to the coach that he had players in trouble, are now being cited as "the problem", not Sweaterboy's failure to act on them (or forward them to someone w/ in tosu to look into them). as w/ Herbie, the rationale is that the problem is somehow the messenger, not the underlying flaws of the message.

Clarett doesn't take money? he stays in college. Sweaterboy doesn't falsely certify compliance to the NCAA? so does he. 2/3's of people on the streets of Columbus see this as a problem w/ the press or the NCAA, and not a failure on the part of the persons who actually failed.

so, i would agree that probably 80-90% of the fans here are pretty delusional about some of these problems that Herbie cites. however, i would also agree that only about 10 to 20% would actually be vocal/deluded enough to really ever do anything.

roughly 20% of the fans here cause about 90% of the problems. the other 80% are just enablers who stand by and cheer it on.

Ramona said...

Now don't start putting up pictures of sheep as "healing pics."

Mikoyan said...

Shouldn't that be what are ewe looking at? Hehehehehehe...

Yost said...

LOL, Mik!

GoBlueBob said...

I was going to say that the only reason this search comes to the MZone is because Sru comments here occasionally but I swore I was not going to comment about him/her anymore so forget it.