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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another day, Another apology

The following is provided to those of you that don't speak Tressel:
It's obviously been a difficult past couple of months. I think The largest regrets I've had in my life have been when I've disappointed people and I've let people down got caught breaking the rules and not telling the truth. And Certainly in this particular situation the mistakes I've made lies I've told have been very disappointing routine and I am certainly sorry for that I got caught... as I have mentioned many times. We do have an ongoing investigation as Shelly mentioned, we are unable to discuss anything involved with that I appreciate your understanding from that stand point because I might accidently tell you guys another lie and will get caught once again. Through these past couple of months we certainly appreciated the encouragement blind eyed fanatical support we have gotten from folks, some privately and some publically, some in this room.


John said...

Maybe Tressel is apologizing for only offering recruits free tats and sex with ohio women instead of backpacks of money like Auburn.

Former defensive end Stanley McClover told HBO in a show that aired Wednesday that when he received money in a bag, he felt obligated to attend Auburn even though he had made a public commitment to Ohio State....

McClover, who spent two years at Auburn before turning pro after the 2005 season, also said he got cash during "money handshakes" with LSU and Michigan State and received sexual favors during a visit to Ohio State.


this is how your college football sausage is made folks

surrounded in columbus said...

well, of course. Auburn may have done something worse, so that makes everything Sweaterboy did just fine, right?

of course, Clarett & Troy Smith both got cash- a car full of it in Clarett's case. so i guess maybe we're back to it not being just fine, huh.