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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

U-M to Snowmaggedon: We're still open, bitch!

It may be National Signing Day (or National Oversigning Day if you live in the South) for college football fans,  but that is being overshadowed right now by "I Hope The Power Stays On Day" in many parts of Ohio; by "Holy F@ck Was That Thunder Snow?! Day" in Chicago; and "Son of a Bitch!  Are Those Snow Flakes or Shards of Glass Digging Into My Face When I Go Outside To Shovel The Motherf@cking Driveway for the 38th Time Today Day" in Michigan.

Yet, while most governments, schools and universities in Michigan - including those pussies in East Lansing - are closed Wednesday due to the weather, the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor will remain open.  Why?  Because this is Michigan, for God's sake! 

So, in honor of the snow storm with the most nicknames ever; the only weather event that actually caused me to actually search for, find and turn on The Weather Channel in all my years as a cable TV subscriber; and the school that told Snowpacalypse to suck it, here are my two votes for today's Wallpaper Wednesday:

And the more explicit...


616goblue said...

Snowtorious B.I.G. and his homeboy Biggie Snows have been in full effect here in the 616 and as you can imagine SnowPrah Winfrey had to get involved too.

Check out Brady Hoke's interview yesterday on the radio here in the 616 on wbbl.com--or check out Angelique Chengelis' recap article on the Det News...he talked about how he and his staff will deal with Snowpacolypse on National Signing Day.

Andy said...

What snow?
It is beautiful out.