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Sunday, February 06, 2011

This is what we do

The best Super Bowl commercial. Not even close.


616goblue said...

Imported from "The D!"


Catie said...

THanks for putting it up, I missed that and was so disappointed! By far....the best.....commercial.....ever! NICE!

Vaughn said...

Eminem is a poor representative of Detroit. They could have come up with better. His music is filled with filth.


Mikoyan said...

They showed some of my favorite places to take pictures....

Love the shot of the fist.

srudoff said...

in case you were wondering where all that bailout money went

phil said...

sru - i've heard that many reporters are afraid to go over to Egypt now because of the rioting, so some news outlets are just substituting film of the streets of Columbus after an tOSU win. Now, if they could just teach Egyptians how to burn couches.

srudoff said...

unfortunately phil about 33-50% of detroit permanently looks like columbus after a football win. sad what's happened to the city.

if i were ford, my first commercial tonight would talk about how some companies took bailout money and bought a rap star and a commercial and how their company took NO money and just concentrated on building quality cars.

Bigasshammm said...

Ford and quality cars is a misnomer to me.
Nothing against the company and I give them props for not taking the bailout but you'll never see me owning a Ford. I have just never ever liked there cars past the late 60s Mustangs.