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Friday, February 11, 2011

Grammy Buck, A2 Drunks and the Other Boylan Girl

Poor Grammy. You see what Buckeye fans do to the elderly? It's heinous. Please, just turn off the camera and let grandma watch WHEEL.

See - even grandma won't lower herself to say, "Go Bucks."

Below, watch citizen journalism at its finest in the parking structure next to Scorekeepers.

And I think I just became a big women's b-ball fan.


Brian said...

Courtney Boylan has been dating Stu Douglass since they were both freshmen. Also, I believe she was Minnesota's Miss Basketball her senior year of high school. Fun facts.

Andy said...

I am pretty sure Grammy needs to be introduced to the Ohio Coalition for Adult Protective Services.

Also, Thanks to my friend T9 and her dedication to the M women's basketball team, I am at least 2 years ahead of you when it comes to Courtney. Go team!

John said...

Let me translate Brian's post in words a blogger in mom's basement can understand:

Yost, Dude, you have a snowball's chance in hell to go out with that chick. For real.

Yost said...

That hurts me, John. Apparently you underestimate the aphrodisiac that is: "Me? I blog for the MZone."

Oh, if I had a nickle for every time a woman said, "Take me" after that...

No, seriously. If I had A nickle.

GoBlueBob said...

Yost... the tosu tatto girl by the fax maching would probably say "take me" regardless of what you said to her so even you might have a chance.

phil said...

First Schlichter takes all my money and now I find out that Courtney's off the market. It sucks to be me but at least I'm not Yost. I hear that Mascot Man is stalking him.

bigGexpress said...

It's slow waiting for next season. But hockey is in full "swing" and I love it.