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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Detroit Zoo Zeb sees shadow: 6 more months of U-M infighting

Yesterday, famed groundhog Punxutawney Phil didn't see his shadow which, according to lore, means spring is near.

But there was no such luck in Michigan.

The wolverine Detroit Zoo Zeb came out of his quarters and saw his shadow.  Sadly, it means there will be six more months of infighting between the various Michigan fan factions that developed during Rich Rodriguez's tenure.

"Hater!"  "Kool Aid drinker!"

Yes, unfortunately we're in for still more bitching about the Brady Hoke hire (even though he pulled off a near miracle with the recruiting class he put together in just 3 weeks).

And you're gonna have to keep hearing about how, if Rich Rod would have been given a chance to return for a 4th season, not only would U-M have gone undefeated and won the national title, but the worst defense in the history of Michigan football would have magically transformed into an impenetrable, stuffed-animal-free force...and the special teams would have suddenly produced kickers nailing 50 yarders with ease.  If...only... "they'd"... given... him...a... chance.

But such infighting should only last for six more months.  Then the hope and optimism of the approaching 2012 season will take over.

At least until the first game is played.

(Picture HT: Michigan Exposures)


IamCris said...

This is a solid contribution and I thank you for affording me some much needed el o el's even though sadly some of this is bound to prove true.

Go Blue!

Mikoyan said...

I think Mr. Brandon was between a rock and a hard place. If he had kept Rodriguez and next season looked about as good as this season...well. I was on the fence for Rich Rod until I watched that debacle called the Gator Bowl. The defenese looked like shit (we knew that). The offense looked good for the first drive and then the wheels fell off the bus. The kicking...wow. To me that spoke to poor preparation.

As some teams from Columbus have shown, you can win with excellent defense and "mediocre" offense. Other teams have shown that if you throw the timing of an offense like Rich Rod's off, it can get ugly. And if there is no defense, its even uglier.

Anyways, nice pic...:)

Bigasshammm said...

The only reason RR wasn't fired before the bowl game was to save the university 1.5 million. There was no way aside from a blow out win in the bowl game that RR was retained. It will all work out.

Yost said...

Yeah, Mikoyan, I really like this photographer's work!

phil said...

That picture is an unmistakable Ansel Adams original. His work is so far above the rest.

James said...

I honestly don't think there's THAT much infighting going on. The bowl game debacle really seemed to take the wind out of the sails of the "Things are getting better under RR" argument. Even on MGoBlog, which was basically the RR Fan Club, it seems like the majority has moved on. (Though there might be some "If only Harbaugh/Miles were here" laments next fall.)

surrounded in columbus said...

there's nothing wrong w/ Hoke's hiring that wins over moosu & tosu won't fix.

Ramona said...

It was a fairness thing, coupled with a fierce clinging to the hope of a new offense. I agree everyone has pretty much moved on. And it will be nice to watch Denard play without worrying if this will be the week he is going to be rushed to the ER.