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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Image via EDSBS via QB Force.

This looks like a great opportunity for an MZone caption contest, my entry:

Once you start down the dark path,
forever will it dominate your destiny,
consume you it will.


srudoff said...

"Tate, there is another. You have a sister....and... a little brother"

phil said...

Bo: Tate, meditate on this, "don't sell any championship rings or sportmanship trophies and then tell everyone you were just trying to help your family."

Hemlock Philosopher said...

I like the EDSBS caption: "Where? Hell or Walgreen's, kid, since I'm pretty sure we're all out of Pedialyte for bed-shitting babies like you. I don't really care, since I'm dead and not a pussy. I'm gonna go play bocce with Woody Hayes, and accidentally elbow him in the balls on every third throw. He loves it."

Also: "Distracted you are in Ann Arbor. ADHD in Miami you will be."

Yost said...

I didn't realize this initially came from the family website. So I'm with HP/EDSBS here.

First off, Boda wouldn't waste his time. But if he did, I think it would be short and sweet: "Get your ass to class."

Dennis said...

Fear leads to anger,anger leads to hate,hate leads to suffering,suffering leads to the Michigan Civil War.

srudoff said...

btw mine was an msu reference - forgot forcier has a brother or two and might be construed that way.

trying to be hated by two fan bases now

Ryan said...

the more i follow tate forcier, the more i'm convinced that in 30 years, i'll read a blog post titled "investment opportunity with tate forcier: what could possibly go wrong?" complete with a picture of him and his receding hairline and handcuffs.

Tom C said...

Sru, You and Sparty are doing the same chic from the same trailer. He isn't going to hate you.

Andy said...

For the record, the image came to us from EDSBS. They got it from QB Force, but I don't think that the Forcier family made it. I have not been able to determine the original source, the first instance I found was on an MGoBlog discussion thread.

But yes, the Boda image is on the QBF site. They have posted things (both negative and positive) found other places. Two years ago they posted a 'shop' I made of a teacher with a chalk board after the Iowa game. Here is the QB Force page.

Hemlock Philosopher said...

MGo, MZo and EDSBS comprise 90% of my daily reading on football, boobies and juvenile crime. Which is about 95% of my daily reading...

QBForce seems to be an odd mix of holier-than-thou religiosity, bad web design skills, and narcissism. Wait, I guess that's not all that odd in today's world.

srudoff said...

wait, what did i win??

James said...

The notion of Bo telling Tate to go to Miami, of all places, is interesting.