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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Will some UM fans one day wish they hadn't "shouted at the airport?"

I've been disappointed by the harsh criticism of the Hoke hire in some Michigan quarters.  Obviously one doesn't have to do cartwheels if they disagree - that's what being a sports fan is all about.  But some of the shrill negativity from Day 1 is sad (and no, Rich Rod didn't face such a "the sky is falling!" response immediately following the announcement of his hiring and his first press conference.  But more about that in a post next week).

Judging by some reactions, one would think Dave Brandon hired me (I got a call, but no face-to-face).  Hell, Fox News wasn't this harsh on Obama until at least six days after his inauguration.

But history always has the last laugh.  

When Gene Chizik was hired at Auburn in December 2008, the first video shows the "welcome" he got from one Tiger fan.  This, uh...passionate fan...showed up at the airport to heckle AD Jay Jacobs as he arrived back upon the Plains with his new coach.  The fan was less than thrilled by the selection of Chizik, a former Auburn assistant - an "Auburn Man" if you will - who just went 5-19 at Iowa State.

Actually, there's no need for me to point out Chizik's record as you'll soon understand why:

But, in the wake of Auburn's national title, the maker of the new video below theorizes that that airport "Greeter" might do things a little differently if he had a mulligan:

I hope those Michigan fans who are "shouting at the airport" today regarding Hoke's hire also wish they had a do-over in the near future.

(Video HT: EDSBS)

ED. NOTE:  As Benny noted (yes, that Benny), did you hear what the guy in the top vid shouted out around the :58 second mark?


Brandon said...

People need to stop comparing this hire to Chizik. Chizik was a proven coordinator who also got Gus Malzahn to run the offense and Cam Newton to drive it. Anyone could've won 10 or more games with Malzahn running the offense with Cam Newton at his side.

srudoff said...

the difference?

chizik was able to over sign two (now 3) straight years to make up for his horrible coaching.

hoke won't be able to

that's not a rip on hoke

Mathew said...

I hope that I'm wrong. I really do. I'm just afraid the ceiling for Hoke is Llyod Carr post 1997.

James said...

Ha! That's hilarious.

As for Hoke, let's keep a couple things in mind: in 2008, he posted Ball State's best record in school history. Last year, he posted one of SDSU's best records ever. Are we sure he has a low ceiling?

Catie said...

I just want to go on the record as saying that as always, it is great to be a Michigan Wolverine and I will support our coach. My issues have been with the handling of the firing and the search as conducted by the AD. That is now water under the bridge. However, I think I will take a break from the drama for a bit.

Nice job Yost, it is good to encourage support for the program, if nothing else, the Michigan faithful need to pull together. Cheers to you. Let's Go Blue!

Hemlock Philosopher said...

Thanks for posting this, Yost. This site has actually been the most even handed of the M Blogs I read during this situation. Although I like soothing pictures, I hope we won't see any for a while.

GoBlueBob said...

Hemlock.... There is a difference between healing pics and soothing pics. While we do not want any healing pics, soothing pics are always welcome.

WV = busts /must be karma.

Ramona said...

I DID hear what he yelled out in that list of names and wondered if that more of your technical wizardry or what he actually said!

As my son keeps telling me, someone who is getting a couple of million to not do anything for the next year really doesn't need my sympathy...and it's time to move on. After viewing the press conf tape I'm thinking this guy is capable of improving us in the Big Ten AND someday taking on the Signup Everyone Conference... but first things first!

Christopher said...

@srudoff: totally agree

@James: keywords "Ball State" "SDSU" And Ball State's "magical" year, they literally played FBS's easiest schedule

No one's hoping Hoke fails, but as alumni and fans we reserve the right to remain skeptical

TuffLynx said...

Fears are not reality, they are in your mind. You might be well advised to keep them there until Brady Hoke either proves, or disproves them.

Are you really hoping to go on the record as skeptical just to say "I told you so" in a few years? That means you are rooting against Michigan to assuage your own personal ego.

If you are voicing your fears and you turn out to be wrong you just look like a wimp instead.

So which of these choices are you?

Just put a damper on the negativity for a while and give Brady Hoke a chance to prove himself. Then you will look infinitely smarter and more loyal to the Maize and Blue in the future.