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Monday, January 17, 2011

Shouldn't this be child abuse?

Are you a Buckeye fan who wants to start training your child in the ways of the Dark Side, but he's still a tad too young for his first "Fuck Michigan" shirt?

Well, until that first birthday rolls around, you can get the future tattoo-trading Tosu-student to-be started on that long road toward moral decline with The Ohio State Sweater Vest Onesie shown below.

He wouldn't be smiling if he knew what he was wearing

I wonder if the apparel also comes with The Ohio State Parenting Handbook which includes such chapters as "Punishing the Buckeye Child" in which Tosu parents learn that when the little Woody does something wrong, you don't send him right to his room or put him in timeout.  Instead, you let him continue doing whatever he was doing him but let him know he's in really big trouble down the road when he turns four.

And to really up sales, for a limited time only, The Sweater Vest onesie should also come with a "Championship Rattle" that the Tosu Toddler can then sell when he or she gets to pre-school or trade for things with other toddlers.

Order now!  Operators are standing by!

(HT: @chengelis)


srudoff said...

how about some of those cute plastic keys to shake during a key drive???

phil said...

What tUOS baby is complete until the parents scrawl the word "Vick" on his eye-black?
tUOS kids have tremendous advantages besides just the puke outfits i.e. little Woody is in Kindergarten and he decides to stomp little Lucy's face. He won't be suspended from school and pay a penalty until he is in first grade!

whetstonebuck said...

Envy: such a green-eyed monster.

Can I order one of those onesies in adult sizes? You know, for when I get real old. Ease of personal cleaning (for my nurse) coupled with style (for me). Just another tOSU win-win situation.

srudoff said...

OSU hired Coach Tressel 10 years ago today. And suddenly all was right in the world.

FloridaBuck said...

He is smiling because he has on an University of Michigan diaper!

Yost said...

OK, that made me laugh, FB.

FloridaBuck said...

On a serious note...I'm not sure if the other Buckeye posters on here feel the same way I do, but I am really happy with the Brady Hoke hire. I am actually looking forward to see what UM can do. I think good things are in your future. I have come to realize over the last week or so, that I REALLY DO miss the hard fought battles of yesteryear. Hope to see them return.