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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

On to plan "C"...or is that "H"?

Just in case you have not already heard the news, Les Miles joined Jim Harbaugh in the "Thanks, but No Thanks" club today. I understand and respect their professional choices, but this coaching search business is starting to feel like a repeated knee to the baby maker.

For the love of GOD, enough is enough -- not so sure how hard it is to choose someone that is both competent and interested.

On the bright side, it is nice to see coaches with a Michigan degree getting paid handsomely for their skills and experience. Harbaugh got a nice fat paycheck on Friday from the San Francisco 49ers and this latest news marks the second time in just over three years that Les has used his Michigan degree to get a nice healthy raise from the fine folks at LSU. And for the record, if anyone ever mentions Les Miles as a future Michigan football coach, ever again -- they need to slapped.

ED. NOTE: In an update to this post on Sunday, third generation wheat farmer Bill Simmowitz has also passed on the position.

(HT: WH)


Dierdorf said...

Bill Martin seen at the Denny's on Washtenaw waiting for David Brandon after he quits today!

bouje said...

Well I hope that you are happy. You got RR out for Brady Hoke.


Mike said...

What a joke. This shit is turning my beloved team into the laughing-stock of college football. Once a powerhouse quickly turns to a has-been. WTF.

Don't fire a man until you have a replacement waiting to jump in his seat- meanwhile our piss poor recruitiing class is getting shittier by the minute. Thanks a-fucking-lot DB. Asshole

sporter said...

This UM coaching search has turned into a bad Domino's delivery experience...

You order the supreme, but a cheese pizza (with all the cheese slide to one side) gets delivered to your front door.

Can Llyod interim-coach for a year?

Jim said...

Honestly, I wouldn't have wanted either Harbaugh or Miles, but I can't quite come to grips with the idea of Hoke. Just take a wrecking ball to the program. Maybe it will be okay...both Harbaugh and Miles were all but hired by the talking heads and the blogosphere, maybe we'll dodge Hoke, too.

ghp said...

Frankly, DB should've known that Harbaugh wasn't gonna bite, and that Miles wasn't the right choice at the presser when RR got the ziggy. That's just good due diligence.

He should've also known at that time that Brady Hoke was the right and/or guy he wanted at the very same time, so that he could've had him signed & ready to trot out.

I like the Brady hire (http://j.mp/hJWvPL), but the way that DB has let events play out has done nothing but show everyone from a position of weakness rather than strength.

*NOT* well played, even with the good hire, DB...