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Monday, January 31, 2011


I got a note last night from Yost telling me that he is out today with "real work". He encouraged me to post something if I had it. I searched and searched, and other than semi-naked women and random Ohio criminal behavior -- I could not find anything decent to post about.

Talk amongst yourselves while we figure out what will entertain.


Edit: Well that didn't take long... the MZone had not returned when this story was written in August -- but it is timeless in the message.

Behold the story of dueling protests outside of Columbus between a strip club and a fundamentalist church:

The strippers, fueled by Cheetos and nicotine, are protesting a fundamental Christian church whose Bible-brandishing congregants have picketed the club where they work....

.....It's here where dancers strip down to panties and pasties for cash. Meske -- a tattooed mother of four -- said she made $30 instead of a couple hundred dollars last Friday with the protesters outside.
"I'm not the most beautiful woman in the world," she said. "I go out there and I try to make my money."

The only thing I have to say is: Thank God for Fox News Ohio.


justthinking said...

No healing pics for the hockey loss against Sparty over the weekend?

What is this blog coming to?


phil said...

This is just the type of filler we need here. Nice save Andy. In related news, let's talk about Charlie Sheen. When you are throwing a party and the female porn stars feel it is getting too wild, then you've really got a problem.

srudoff said...

why do you have to take a beautiful human interest story, perhaps the feel good story of the year, and try to make it ugly????

Andy said...


I am confused on which story is the feel good story?

Are you talking about the hard working women of central ohio versus the church or the Charlie Sheen story?

GoBlueBob said...

Give the girls a break. Ex tosu cheerleaders need to find work too...

whetstonebuck said...


That was mean-spirited.

Bob, you are a bad boy.

Dennis said...

Andy, define outside? Warsaw is 78 miles from OSU's main campus, by car. Maybe 70 or so miles as the crow flies. I'd say at best 60 miles, as the crow flies from the nearest Columbus border. East Lansing and Toledo are closer to Ann Arbor. Would you refer to them as Outside Ann Arbor?

Still in Ohio, no argument there. That town used to be part of my wife's beat when she was a reporter right out of college.