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Friday, January 14, 2011

MZone Exclusive: Dave Brandon's Not Here

As Michigan fans know, before Brady Hoke was hired, there was a meeting between U-M athletic director Dave Brandon and LSU coach Les Miles.  And what did or did not happen at that meeting is the subject of much speculation.  Was an offer made or not made to Miles to coach Michigan?  Was it just a courtesy meeting?  Did Brandon burst out laughing when he saw Miles clap his hands?

Whatever happened, Miles didn't end up as Michigan's coach.  But why?

Well, as you know, Miles is a unique bird.  From the bad clapping to the grass eating to the doesn't-know-how-to-wear-a-hat thing, he marches to his own drummer.  But we didn't know how odd he was until the MZone obtained this exclusive audio recording from that meeting when Brandon showed up at Miles' Baton Rouge office earlier this week.

After listening, we think it's easy to see why a deal didn't come together.


wingedhelmet said...

"In an apparent miscalculation of the notification deadline -- Les Miles has notifed Dave Brandon that he would like to accept the Michigan Head Coach position."


whetstonebuck said...

Hey, you guys can buy up all of RR's sideline apparel at the Wayne, MI Salvation Army. He's donating it because his buy-out will take care of his mother, so no scandal there.

However, I think someone needs a hug.

wingedhelmet said...


When you see him tell to check with mgoblog for that hug.

Thanks for your sincere concern.



Yost said...


If things turn out well for BH, that quote of his - "This is Michigan, for God's sake." - will go down as one of the greats in Meeechigan history.

beast in 'bama said...

Speaking of interviews...

Heard your new OC, Al Borges, on the radio today at lunch. All Xs and Os aside, you'll never hear a more animated, interesting, or genuinely nicer coach doing a radio interview in your life.

He's been to the top before (undefeated with Auburn - and a fistful of draft pick talent - in '04), and he never goes anywhere without his (in)famous Hawaiian shirt collection - including Ann Arbor. I don't know what he did with Hoke at SDSU, but he's always been known as a West Coast Offense guy. That's what he ran at Auburn.

I came in on the tail end of the discussion about the "re-recruitment" of Denard Robinson and how he plans to use the little bottle rocket - put him in more situations where his arm will get him out of trouble before his feet will - that was the general gist of the conversation.

He guided a similarly run-first inclined young QB named Jason Campbell to rely more and more on his arm during his time at Auburn. Now granted, Campbell and Robinson have completely different skill sets, but Borges made Campbell a much better QB by putting him in situations where he could concentrate more on the receivers downfield than the pass rush coming his way. That's essentially what he said today.

wingedhelmet said...


IMO, His "This Is Michigan, For God's Sake" declaration marks the precise moment that the return of Michigan football's commitment to winning, doing things the right way not to mention the reclamation of our collective reputation began.

The statement wouldn't have stood out more clearly if Patton's horn had sounded in the background.

Do we really have to wait 7-1/2 months? Sheesh.