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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Michigan Football: Oh, The Humanity! (The Re-Broadcast)

Thinking about our 52-14 clubbing yesterday at the hands of the 5th place team in the SEC West division reminded me of this video all over again.


bigGexpress said...

ESPN.com reportng Edsall to Maryland. Another possible opening for RR. He could go back to dominating the Big Least. I seem to remember being momentarily fooled by that game.

phil said...

It's depressing enough to realize that the season is over. I got excited every week even if they did lose. Then I read Mark Schlabach on ESPN saying, "I can't confirm whether Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany is now considering "Losers" and "Laughingstocks" as names for his expanded league's future divisions.


Mikoyan said...

The worst part about watching the drubbing yesterday was listening to the announcers talking up the SEC again and again....I guess its easy to be that dominant when you cheat.

surrounded in columbus said...

News update from the French Quarter- Arkansas crowd makes tosu fans appear urbane, cosmopoliton, & sophisticated.

I was born in WVa & trust me, I know hicks when I see them.