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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mattison hired as DC, stuffed animals back to children's closets

Brady Hoke hired Baltimore Raven defensive coordinator Greg Mattison for the same position at Michigan and already area toy stores are complaining about a drop in stuffed animal sales.  Mattison returns to A2 where he was on Mo' and Lloyd's staffs from '92-'96.

Yes, it's Jaunary 18th but if this article by Angelique Chengelis about Mattison doesn't fill you with Hoke hope and defensive promise, I don't know what will.

As MGoShoe said in response to one of our tweets on the hire, Trying to not be irrationally exuberant, but not succeeding.

This man will NOT be using kiddie toys on the sidelines


IamCris said...

This news is tremendous. I don't expect an instant turn around but it sounds like Coach Mattison is hell bent on getting Michigan back to Michigan and closing out his career helping Coach Hoke accomplish what all of us Michigan fans yearn for. To compete every year for a Big Ten Championship and a trip to the Rose Bowl. Just an outstanding hire.

Go Blue!

surrounded in columbus said...

this is a potentially great hire. i'm impressed.

Crock said...

all of these postive changes are so freaking exciting.
Our fan base has needed/deserves a off season full of hope and excitement.
226 days!

Mikoyan said...

This is good, I think.

So what is his preferred stuffed animal?

Dierdorf said...

Now all we need is some talent on Defense because the guys we have now are garbage and I mean that in a nice way. There is maybe one first round draft pick on that entire "D" so get out there and recruit some criminals, I mean student athletes to play some "D".

Michigan Girl said...

Let's hope a Mattison-lead Michigan defense can come close to what his Florida defense did to OSU in the 2007 BCS game. An answer to Darth Sweater Vest? I'm very excited at the possibilities.