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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Like a breath of fresh air...

We don't talk about college basketball here very much, but when you don't win in East Lansing for over a decade, and finally win one, it is time to celebrate!

Sparty's response is an instant classic., my favorite is on page 2.

This is the internet equivalent of a UM fan walking into the Peanut Barral right now and trying to talk smack. I expect an appropriate reaction from my Spartan Brethern, but I'll offer this one:

Fuck off.

Go back to your double-wide, your 3-bill GF with fewer teeth than grades of education completed and fuck off.

Go rub one out to the picture of Bo that hangs on your wall and cry yourself to sleep in your flea-ridden blankets because you wish someday you could be truly affiliated with UM and fuck off.

Go get some sleep so you can make your shift at Walmart tomorrow morning and kindly, truly and sincerely fuck off. I harbor nothing but ill will towards that festering cesspool of human iniquity in that oozing blight upon Mother Earth known as Ann Arbor. I hate the arrogant pricks that go there and the trash bandwagon fans than hang on, grasping at success vicariously through an institution that they could never hope to be truly a part of.

In conclusion, fuck off.


justthinking said...

I listened to portions of the second half of the game tonight, and must say I sure loved the outcome! I can't get any UofM radio coverage where I live, so I had to suffer through the MSU broadcast.

They sure trashed us bigtime in the pregame notes, and boy did it ever come back to bite them in the ass. They had this game won in their minds before the teams ever took the court. Sorry Sparty!

The announcers (and Izzo) sure were trying to spin the positives in the postgame wrapup too, "if only we make a shot there at the end, it ties it up and it's a different ballgame" - Well, ya friggin' didn't make the shot(s), so the IF ONLY nonsense doesn't do a thing to change the final score - or the sick feeling you'll wake up with in the morning as you re-live the game from last night over your Wheaties at breakfast.

I love me some Spartan beatdown - especially when it happens in East Lansing!

Go Friggin' BLUE!

justthinking said...

Hope a little of that "positivity" continues through the weekend with all of the football recruits in town, checking things out. Should be a festive atmosphere for sure in A2.

Sign 'em all, Brady!

(and can Novak just about drain the 3 any time he wants or what?!!)

phil said...

Sweet win! Although Spartan fans do suck, I must give props to Izzo. He isn't compromising his standards and he is kicking star players off his team regardless of the fan base. Kind of the opposite to that little weasel "candle blowing in the wind" Tressel.

TitleIX said...

Classy Sparty.
Gosh bless all their mouth- breathing fans who make humor soooooo darned easy.

Temp430 said...

Spartan, why green instead of Sparta's crimson? I think we now know the green is meant to be that of fresh glistening horse flop.

Go Blue!

surrounded in columbus said...

their obsession w/ non alum M fans is fascinating.

wv= comic?

Vaughn said...

What is the point in the nasty language. You sound like a college sophomore. Like the site other than that.

Yost said...


That's reposted from an MSU site. Although, I have to say, if you're easily offended by language, you are going to have a lot of issues around here.