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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Know Your Coach: Brady Hoke

Usually, this post topic is reserved for Know Your Foe, detailing the non-X's and O's things you might not know about Michigan's weekly opponent.   But with the hiring of a new football coach this week - on the 19th in Michigan's 131 seasons of playing intercollegiate football - we thought you, the loyal MZone reader, would like to get to know your new coach just a little bit more.


Born in November, 1958 in Dayton, OH, Hoke graduated from Fairmont East High School in Kettering, OH and went on to play linebacker for Ball State where he was a four-year letterman.  He was the captain of his squad senior year and a second-team All-MAC selection.  He graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice, something that will come on handy when discussing the Ohio State team with his players.

According the Wikipedia link above, his dad played for Woody Hayes at Miami of Ohio but Brady always was a Michigan fan growing up which much have led to some interesting discussions around the dinner table.


According (again) to Wikipedia (let's face it, there aren't a whole hell of a lot of other Hoke sources out there...yet!), Hoke began his coaching career in 1982 as the defensive coordinator and offensive line coach at Yorktown HS in Yorktown, Indiana.

Hoke's college coaching career started as the D-line coach for Grand Valley State in '83.  The following year he took the same job at Western Michigan where the coach was a guy by the name of Jack, father of Jim, Harbaugh.  Hoke stayed at Western until '86

Hoke then went to the University of Toledo and Oregon State before joining...


As you probably know by know, Hoke was part of the Michigan coaching staff from '95 until 2002.  But what you might not know, which I didn't, was that Hoke was hired, not by Lloyd Carr, but by Moeller in February of '95.   When Moeller was fired, Carr kept Hoke on his staff.  He was defensive ends coach in '95 and '96 and D-line coach from '97 until 2002.  That final year, Hoke was also Michigan's assistant head coach.

During those years, Michigan won 5 Big Ten titles and 1 NC.  Hoke still wears his NC ring each day and, to the best of our knowledge, has not sold any of his Big Ten title rings nor traded them for tats.

While at Michigan, Hoke was known as a great recruiter and was in charge of recruiting California.  One of the players he recruited was some QB you might have heard of: Tom Brady.


In December, 2002, Hoke left A2 to coach his alma mater, Ball State for $125,000 a year (or as they call that in the SEC, "Back-up tight end money").  Taking over a team that hadn't won since '96, Hoke's first three teams struggled as well.  But in his 4th year, they went 5-7, then went 7-6 and finally 12-1 when Hoke was hired to coach San Diego State.

At San Diego State, Hoke signed a 5-year contract worth a guaranteed $3.5 Mil (or as they call that in the SEC, the waterboy's buy-out amount).  He took over a 2-10 team that hadn't had a winning season since '98.  They went 4-8 his first year and 9-4 this past season with a Poinsettia Bowl victory over Navy.  This was the Aztecs' first bowl victory since the Beatles were still together.


Coach Hoke was one of 10 finalists for the 2008 Liberty Mutual National Coach of the Year and was named Mid-American Coach of the Year in 2008 and American Football Coaches Association Football Bowl Subdivision Region 3 Coach of the Year.

His overall coaching record, as all the folks already bitching will tell you, is 47-50 (of course they always neglect to mention he took over two corpses and brought them both back to life).


Hoke is married to the former Laura Homberger, who is also a Ball State alum, and they have one daughter.  His younger brother, John, is the secondary coach of the Chicago Bears.

He is said to look like Fred Flinstone, Jeff Garlin from Curb Your Enthusiasm, Steve Schirripa from The Sopranos, and a tad like the deceased Penn brother.

His Facebook page is pretty empty and he is not (yet) a Tweeter.  He got his dream job, pounds the podium when he speaks and refers to Tosu as the most important game on Michigan's schedule and "that school from Ohio."

Those who worked with him and played for him say he's a great guy and one heck of a coach.

Hell, yes: I'm excited!

Go Blue!

(Hoke Hope pic on the right via HSR)

And for cryin' out loud, if you haven't watched it yet and want to get pumped about both Michigan football and our new head coach (to hell with the naysayers), watch his introductory press conference:


Dierdorf said...

Carr looks like the wicked witch of the west in that picture. Hoke looks large. Can you say heart attack the night of his first loss to MSU. Man, I can not be excited about this hire or the process. Really, RR needed to coach the team in the bowl game. Really.

wingedhelmet said...

Head Coach Brady Hoke:

"This is MICHIGAN for God's sake"

I feel better already!


616goblue said...

Well done T9, well done.

little brother and $weaterve$t faithful are not sure what to think, other than using "Fred Flintstone" and "Buddy Hackett's son" references. But then again intellectual dishonesty is their way of life.

TitleIX said...

Thanks for the shout out 616, but this was a team effort. And as Coach says we are about the team, not the individual! :-)

Crock said...

After watching the presser and Coach Hoke singing "Hail to the Victors" at the basketball game last night - I'm sold.
If you can't support this guy - then maybe you shouldn't be a Michigan fan.

surrounded in columbus said...

One of my business partners played with him @ BSU. Swears by the guy.

So, what the hell? Let's all drink the kool aid & be enthusiastic. There will be plenty of time to bitch about his credentials later if doesn't work out, and no need to do so if it does, right?

surrounded in columbus said...


Let me have men about me that are fat;
Yon RichRod has a lean & hungry look;
Such men are dangerous

Mikoyan said...

The more I read about this guy, the more impressed I am. Besides that, he comes from Dayton. The Wright Brothers came from Dayton. Therefore, he can make things fly.....:)

Bigasshammm said...

Jesus Mik... lol.

I too am finding myself buying in to this guy. That press conference was way better than anything I saw RR put out there. He even brought out the coach pimp hand on D-d-d-d-drew sharp's questions. I'm back on board and looking forward to next season again. Def gonna try n get tickets to that ND game but they'll be pricey I'm sure.

Bigasshammm said...

That press conference was a hell of a lot better than his appearance on Letterman though. On Letterman he looked scared as could be and that did not instill confidence in me.

carl tabb said...

I'm warming up to the guy. That press conference was excellent. The wife has stopped hiding sharp objects around the house.
For the record - and I'm no Sean Penn afficianado - that Penn brother hasn't been seen in years becasue he's dead.

Michigan Girl said...

I too loved his response to Drew Sharp. What a great press conference. There is hope!

616goblue said...

@T9--no problem for the props it is well deserved AND I better see you here in the 616 on Feb 5th at Bid for Bach!

@Michigan Girl--his response and "I'm not gonna take it from you" attitude towards Drew Sharp's question was AWESOME!

When is the spring game???

Drew Thaler said...

My friend Rob nailed it ... Hoke looks like Chris Farley, doing Matt Foley, motivational speaker. Can't you see it?

"You know what, this defense didn't do JACK SQUAT!"

I think he's gonna be really good for the program. But now I can't get Farley out of my mind when I see him talk.

bigGexpress said...

I didn't think it was a terrible hire in the first place, but now I'm pumped. I almost lost the enthusiasm today when I was checking headlines on ESPN.com at lunch and saw "Robinson likely to stay at Michigan." The first name in my head was gerg. I about had a heart attack. I clicked it and saw it was Denard and started cracking up at my idiot self. Could you imagine the outcry if Hoke decided to retain gerg?

bigGexpress said...

While reading around on various blogs and message boards before he was fired, the RR supporters were saying anyone who did not offer full support of the coach of Michigan were not "all in." This has been noted in this blog.

I am just curious if anyone has noticed that many of these same RR apologists are now trashing Brady Hoke. Has this happened or am I just delusional? When did these people see the need for full support no matter what, change?

Yost said...

See my post above, bigE.

Steve said...

I want a man who wants "Michigan"! I loved it when he said he walk to AA.



Greg said...

Ummm...you haven't seen Chris Penn in years cause he's dead.

TitleIX said...

and forever in our memories......