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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Somebody's gonna get whacked. Hopefully it's Ohio State

As some already bash our new coach (the expected ones like Drew Sharp, the not-so-expected on other Michigan sites), I urge anybody who hasn't yet seen it to watch his press conference here.

I thought he was impressive.

Is he going to be the second (or third or fourth) coming of the Michigan greats who preceded him?  Who knows.  But how can you not like this guy and not want to line up behind him?

Brady Hoke assembles his coaching staff.  You got a problem with that?
ED. NOTE: The pic above is not photoshopped.  I was gonna have Andy put Hoke's face over the mug of actor Steve Schirripa, but then I thought, Why bother?


phil said...

College is like a bus taking you where you need to go and when you finally arrive, they kick you off the bus and you're on your own. All of lifes problems are caused by you trying to get back on the bus.
-paraphrased from Tony Soprano.

Dierdorf said...

I did not care for Hoke's tie. But Brandon's tie .... YES!!! That is a winner.

wingedhelmet said...

I finally got an opportunity to watch the presser. I am looking so forward to this upcoming football season!

Welcome back Michigan Football.

And don't think I am talking about an instant turn around for next year in wins and losses, but I am certain that there will no longer be questions about whether MICHIGAN is still an elite program.

Tbat may sound ridiculous this early and I am ok with someone calling BS. I know a little bit about kool aid euphoria-blindness having seen it displayed recently.

Well I am ready to drink the kool aid.


scojack52 said...

Great press conference, tell me if i'm off here, but all i could think was he's the missing guy from the SNL skit "Da Superfans" . . . "Sausage, Sausage, Go Blue, Sausage". Kidding aside.

I'm looking forward to having this guy as our coach. Listening to him talk about Michigan you can feel his passion and love for the school. I'm fired up listening to him. Go Blue.

ChicagoWolverine said...

Great press conference. I got scared for a moment when he got teary eyed.. i didn't know if any josh groban music was playing int he background.

Drew Sharp is a total ass hat.

Really surprised how negative Brian@mgoblog is. Have we learned nothing about how we need to rally around - we cannot be divided this time if we want this to work.

beast in 'bama said...

Brandon (as Tony): I called you here, 'cause I got something to tell you. From now on, I'm gonna rely on you more and more, 'cause you're the only one I can fully trust. Jimmy Harnuts and Milesey... they're old friends, but you're one thing they're not.

Hoke (as Cristopha): What's that, D?

Brandon: Blood. You're gonna lead this family into the 21st Century.

Hoke: Well, D, technically we're already in the 21st Century...

[Brandon looks at him, confused]

Hoke: Forget about it. You won't regret this, D.

Tom C said...

One more time. "It's great to be a Michigan Wolverine!"
Brian and et al @ M go Kool Aid are gonna have to get over it!
Hmmm No lawsuit? No Baggage?
Loves Michigan and knows how to win in the Big 10-11-12... ect ect.
Give em hell Brady!

J said...

Very impressive, guys. I hope he is the one to lead you with a heavy footed marxh over the bloodied corpse of tOSU and back to the Promised Land.

The naysayers best be careful or they will join a lot of Auburn fans, myself included, who freaked about the TERRIBLE hiring of Gene Chizik. We want a winner, not a loser!!!! FTR, crow tastes best with pesto and a bottle of Pinot noir.

Having a ray of light in the darkness - feels good, doesn't it? Congrats.

Mikoyan said...

Am I upset that Harbaugh wasn't hired? Yes. A little bit but I think the more I think about it the more I think he would have been here a couple years got the program turned around (or turned back Or whatever) and he would have bolted anyway. If Hoke can get through the next couple years, he may be here a while. He's gonna be in pretty good shape next year provided there aren't too many bolters.

dtw2phx said...

"Is this where you want to be forever?"

"Yes. No doubt, no doubt."

He didn't even hesitate and it felt SO good to hear. That and his taking thee rivalry 'personally'. Love it.

Welcome aboard, Coach Hoke...GO BLUE!!!

IamCris said...

Nothing said more to me than the look his daughter and wife gave him while being introduced, the mark of approval and pride from his own family sold me.

found on mgoblue.com mainpage.

Go Blue!