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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Holy "crap" - he's back!

Last fall, we brought you this video of some Buckeye fan who calls himself Mascot Man and dances around by himself in his one bedroom apartment to old Village People tunes.  This clip fell into the "so bad it's good" category.

But the sequel below is crap.  Literally.

Wow. I mean...wow.

Let's see if we can sum up how the creative process went to produce the comedic masterpiece above:

* In a bolt out of the blue on par with the flash of genius that struck Newton after the apple struck him, the idea hits Mascot Man (probably as he sits on the toilet).  
* He immediately writes this "shit" down so the moment of inspiration doesn't elude him.  
* He spends the time to make - MAKE! - an M-shaped fake turd, probably giggling the entire time at the shear hilarity of it all.
* He next dresses up in his paper mache costume
* He sets up his video camera in the bathroom
* He then shoots this turd (of a video)
* He then edits this turd (of a video-slash-video of a turd)
* Unable to wait for the millions of Internet viewers, he immediately shows the finished video to his girlfriend, shows it to a friend that is a girl, IMs some dude he friended online last week playing Farmville (who immediately unfriends him)
* Uploads it to YouTube
* Keeps hitting refresh on his YouTube page for 8 straight hours, wondering how in the hell this thing isn't going viral like the kid who got stoned at the dentist
* Returns to work at Subway the next morning
* Starts thinking of next bit of Buckeye-theme Internet magic on his lunch break


phil said...

The funniest part is that Whet keeps denying he is good friends with this guy.

Andy said...


Yost said...

Good friends, Phil? Has anybody ever seen the two of them together at the same time?

C'mon, Whet, fess up!

J said...

NO WAY that guy has a female partner of any species willing to reproduce with him. If that is representative of the tOSU fanbase, then why haven't they died out by now?

Yost said...


TitleIX said...

You realize that we have just pushed this piece's number of hits right up the intertube pipes.....

carl tabb said...

Well, that was pretty craptastic.

Reed said...

There are no words. There are no thoughts. There is only the solemn urge to un-watch this video. But like all true horrors, the concept of "un-witness" does not exist. The "seen" exists, and will live on forever in the memory of those who have endured it.

Also, he never flushed.

Tom C said...

Uhh. Ditto that Reed!

Mikoyan said...

The sad part about this video is that I had purged the other song from my head. This video brought that song from the vault....

Thanks alot.

whetstonebuck said...

You saps.

This is a Michigan head-fake video done to embarrass tOSU fan base.

It's obvious...he didn't wash his hands. Duh.

wv = dwients

What Elmer Fudd would call you.

whetstonebuck said...

Oh, and another thing...

We call it taking a maize and poo.