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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Family Portrait

I saw this gem the other day on one of my favorite daily blog reads (uniwatchblog.com). It is a scanned image of a 1969 college football postcard set produced by a Texas based artist . I am not sure which mascot character I like best: the brain surgeon Sparty or the brooding Hoosier with the straw in his mouth. Also, you have to admit the buckeye head looks a lot like something that Mascot Man made in an unreleased video.


srudoff said...

So Michigan's mascot was an Ewok??

Mikoyan said...

At least it's not the evil man on the Moon.

Andy said...

Yes...if by "moon" -- you mean perfectly round and well formed turd...

Jim said...

in 1969, were we the Michigan Persian House Cats?

srudoff said...

No you were the Ewoks, Purdue was Biff from Back to the future, Illinois was Steven Tyler, Indiana was Jerry Van Dyke from Coach, and Northwestern was the Gremlins. Not sure what OSU was in 1969 - oh yeah, in January they were National Champs.

Mike Davis said...

With Big Ten in scare quotes, was this guy the Nostradamus of college football?

Mikoyan said...

When I say evil Man on the Moon...He's got an evil looking face.

dtw2phx said...

I like the slightly effeminate Badger. (Not that there's anything wrong with that!)

dtw2phx said...

And I love how it's 5 animals, 4 guys and a...nutty turd.

Actually 'Brutus' looks like an enraged Junior Mint!! lol (or Milk Dud, Whopper, whatever you prefer)

Does he have a beak??? lmfao