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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

MZone Exclusive: "Michigan Plane" Makes Secret Stop in Coaching Search

If you've been following this or other Michigan blogs during The Great Coaching Search of 2011, you know that many U-M fans have been scouring flight tracking websites in order try to figure out where AD Dave Brandon's travels are taking him and, thus, who he's talking to about Michigan's vacant head coaching position.

Much of the tracking chatter has centered on a wealthy alum's so-called "Michigan plane" that has been spending a lot of time in Baton Rouge, home of LSU and potential coaching candidate Les Miles.

But the MZone has learned that's not even close to the most interesting stop for this private jet.

When Dave Brandon said he was conducting a national search, he wasn't kidding.  The MZone has obtained the exclusive video below of an until-now secret stop on Brandon's far reaching quest to replace the fired Rich Rodriguez.

Folks, after you watch, we think you'll agree that Michigan's AD is leaving no stone unturned to find the best coach.


phil said...

So.....Tattoo is our next coach? Wouldn't he be more comfortable at tUOS?

whetstonebuck said...

Obviously, not. $50,000 is tOSU's gatorade bill. phil, your thinking is too "small."

surrounded in columbus said...

is it me? or is Tattoo the perfect size to be a slot receiver in R2's offense?

srudoff said...

no go on miles :(

sporter said...

Will the student section spell out H-O-K-E like tUOS kids?!

wingedhelmet said...


DB would like to borrow your license plate.

wingedhelmet said...

Even third generation wheat farmer Bill Simmowitz apparently rejects DB's offer:


wingedhelmet said...

Well DB. This really took a National Search? Welcome back to Ann Arbor Coach Hoke.