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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Coaching Coup D'Etat: 24 Hours That Shook a (Wolverine) Nation

These have been strange days in A2 this week.  Luckily, the MZone's Ann Arbor Bureau Chief, Mikoyan of Michigan Exposures, was there to capture The 24 Hours That Shook a (Wolverine) Nation.

Tuesday Afternoon

First came the false reports out of A2 that an attempt on Rich Rod's job had succeeded during the famous 18 hour "First Meeting" with athletic director Dave Brandon.  Below is a picture of Rodriguez on his way to that meeting.  Notice the reporter from Fox 2 Detroit (under the arrow) waiting to proclaim the "death" of Rodriguez.

Tuesday Evening

In the chaotic next few hours - after Fox 2 Detroit erroneously reported that Rich Rod was fired - who can forget Greg Robinson taking the podium at Schembechler Hall and declaring that he was in charge.

Robinson even went so far as to name a new Defensive Coordinator - Mr. Bearington.

Wednesday Morning

Finally, after an almost biblical 40 days and 40 nights "evaluation," Brandon fired Rich Rod at the infamous "Second Meeting."  Below, Rich Rod waves good-bye to his players and staff from outside South Quad before departing back to Big East.


Andy said...

Oh my.... You crack me up.

Not many who read this can place each photo in the context of US history, but this is one of the best MZone posts ( v1 or v2) ever. I want to officially thank you and apologize for not being at the photoshop control panel to document this memorable, yet painful event. Your return to the Michigan blogosphere this season has been a gift from heaven.

My only hope is we look back and laugh at this with the same nostalgia that Alabama fans look at the Saban hire.

Go Blue.

wingedhelmet said...

@Andy I agree. In the past I didn't post, but never missed a day of taking advantage of the information, great satire and humor.

A sincere thanks to all of you.

It is Still Great to Be a Michigan Wolverine!

Mikoyan said...

The Reagan Assassination was actually one of my first national political memories. I vaguely remember some of the Carter Era stuff mostly the hostages but the Assassination was the first that really imprinted on me. I remember seeing the Haig conference on the news and thinking that it was pretty bizarre. Given that I was 12 at the time, I didn't understand the larger ramifications of his statement but I knew something was amiss.

On the Nixon thing...At the Nixon library they have that helicopter and as a result I have a picture of myself in a Michigan hat doing the Nixon thing...

Ron said...

This site is amazing. It't really helping us get through this tough time in Michigan Football. Can't thank you enough for all the laughs.

srudoff said...

hahaha assassination ATTEMPT Mikoyan! Otherwise you sound like you work for fox 2.

Mikoyan said...

I think Reagan after that was Robot Reagan.... :)