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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Brian, you are not alone

Brian over at MGoBlog is hearing a lot of buzz that The Mad Hatter Bad Clapper could be Michigan's next head coach...

But I wholeheartedly agree with Brian that this is not the right hire for Michigan.  For reasons like this ESPN story and all the reasons Brian states at the end of his post:

I've made my opinion clear on this: Miles is old, has enthusiastically adopted the tao of SEC, and just saw his program take a more serious hit from the NCAA than Rodriguez did. Even if it works out in five years Michigan is going to be saddled with a coach exactly as old as Carr was when he retired and will either get to experience the extended senescence of a guy who's already wacky or experience yet another transition. I would prefer Brady Hoke. 

I'm probably alone in this, I know.

Nope, you are not alone.


wingedhelmet said...

40 plus days since the loss to EBAY's Columbus contingent and the best DB can come up with is the fan base favorite from 2007?

I disagree with Brian concerning Les being too "old". Now if DB were considering offering the job to JoPa that might be a different story.

DB - now that you are at this point - go find us a HC that is;
aggressive,self-confident,intelligent,committed and above all a man of integrity. If you do we will have our "Michigan Man".

whetstonebuck said...


Santa Clause already has a gig.

I hope you get Lester. He provides great entertainment and would be beatable about 50% of the time. What more could you want? For what more could a Buckeye hope?

justthinking said...

I heard the ESPN oversigning story about Miles AGAIN last night. For some reason that particular segment has some legs to it.

I don't agree with "do whatever to win - especially if everyone else is doing it".

Tainted meat - I'll pass for something that resembles integrity.

If that is one thing BO stood for (since we're looking for someone - something - anything now that even slightly resembles a "michigan man"), it's doing things the right way.

Andy said...

I was at the Cotton Bowl last night (my son goes to LSU) and outside of the plays on the field, the topic of Les to Michigan was the primary source of conversation.

I honestly don't think he will leave Baton Rouge, that ship sailed in 2007. Given the current status and trajectory of both programs, I can't say I have a good argument for him to do so.

I think there is a really good pop warner coach in Livonia that might be interested...

Yost said...

Uh, bad news: Detroit News is reporting that that Pop Warner coach in Livonia passed on the Michigan job to take over at a high school in Tecumsah.

Michigan Girl said...

After watching the video about the SEC, Les Miles and scholarships, how could anybody want Miles at Michigan?

Voice of Reason said...


With the plane going down, I guess Michigan will have to go extra ordinary lengths to secure a coach.

Andy said...

The week of endless groin punches continues...

Demetrius Hart (former M, now Alabama commit) wins the Army HS All American game MVP.

Make the bad man stop. Please.

Dierdorf said...

Hoke is the guy. We need someone who has yet to drink from the golden chalice. He is chubby though. I guess that's OK because SE Michigan is full of fattys.

surrounded in columbus said...

really not sure which is funnier/sadder/more surreal- that there are people still holding out hope that Les would actually leave LSU for A2?

or that there are people who wouldn't want the guy, for what ever reason?

Brady Hoke? really? people are really ready to settle for Brady Hoke?

i give up. truly, i just give up.

TitleIX said...

Still calling for patience.....
Believe in The Brandon

Crabapple Buck said...

I am curious. Steve Mariucci coached at Cal rather successfully before heading up the 49ers and Lions. He is from Iron Mountain. I know he is a life long friend of Izzo and more associated with MSU, but Bo was a Buckeye, so that shouldn't matter. Why is he not mentioned as a candidate. He has worked for the NFL network for years, so no buyouts or permissions needed. Is he hated in AA or just not given a thought?

Is anyone thinking that maybe Brandon is looking at Malzahn or one of Chip Kelly's acolytes and is waiting for the BCSNCG to end? Is a current assistant (not UM) not under consideration due to lack of HC experience? Are there any former Carr assistants that have a burnished enough resume to warrant consideration?

Just wondering if there are any "sleeper" candidates.

Mikoyan said...

I'm sure there are a few sleeper candidates and I would prefer that we chase after those guys than a big name coach. It might make for a tough couple of years but I think if we look to the long term, we could have a coach for a long time.