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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Braylon flips out

Nice win by the Jets tonight. Next week's championship games will be a lot of fun to watch, if you count Bears backup QB Todd Collins, there are Michigan players on each team's roster. The Steelers (Woodley), Packers (Woodson), and Jets (Braylon Edwards and David Harris) have former Wolverines playing important roles.


Reed said...

Trevor Pryce also on the Jets. Kinda counts. Kinda.

Also, Prescott Burgess getting backup minutes on the Ravens.

I'm being a nerd. Sorry.

gh said...

Larry Foote is a backup LB for the Steelers too.

I remember Braylon doing a victory formation backflip circa 2003. Couldn't find a YouTube of it (though Manningham doing the worm after Penn state in 2007 was awesome too.)

Reed said...

Ah, so the Ravens lost, eh? I should just never talk about the NFL ever. My apologies again for being a stupid nerd.

Andy said...

I realize there are several other Michigan players on the rosters, I wanted to point out those former Wolverines that were significant contributors to their playoff teams.

Interesting fact: The Green Bay Packers have three former Central Michigan players and only one Michigan guy on their roster. Go figure.

dtw2phx said...

For the original YT poster, that'd be a round-off into a backflip. (Somersaults are for children...in sweatervest onesies.) At least Andy got it right! Just sayin.

That was my favorite part of the game. lol