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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Brady Hoke Hired as Next Michigan Football Coach

It's official: Brady Hoke is Michigan's new football coach.

Welcome, coach.  Good luck and...

Go Blue!

Ed. Note: Much more to come.

PS  This next comment isn't a negative on our new coach but, based on the folks interviewed, did Dave Brandon really hire one of those high-priced national firms to help in the coaching search?   Seriously?  I hope the check didn't clear yet.  Put a stop on that, would ya?

Or I hope they have some refund policy or pro-rate it like, oh, 90%.  Because from all appearance he interviewed Harbaugh, Miles and Hoke.   Holy crap, I could have given DB those names.

In a related story, I'd like to announce the grand opening of MZone Coaching Search, LLC.  Our retainer is $100,000.  We are officially open for business...now.


surrounded in columbus said...

"national coaching search"?

and Brady Hoke is who they find?

Yost said...

At least give the man, you know, two games. Hell, Rich Rod got three season.

And as I just told Andy - Auburn fans showed up AT THE AIRPORT to boo Gene Chizik when he was hired two years ago. And I seem to recall Michigan fans saying "Jim Who?" when Tosu canned Coop.

Is it the sexiest hire? No. Doesn't mean it won't turn out okay.

sporter said...


You are our only hope for 6 wins and a little caesars bowl bid next year!

Ryan said...

each coaching choice had it's pros and cons. just glad the search is over.

TitleIX said...

Ok, so first let me say that I think DB went to see his ol teammate LM for two reasons... 1) to get his opinion on BH and 2) to help raise his buddy LM's stock with LSU. He had no intension of hiring LM, it was merely a courtesy call.

I have no opinion re: BH because my head is so spun like Linda Blair right now after this search-a-go-round that I got no opinions...just the hurls after the vomit comet we have all been on.

I am really not looking forward to all the Hokey Pokey, Brady Bunch and all the other puns which await.

TitleIX said...

Oh, one thing I do know....is there are known knowns, unknown knowns, and unknown unknowns.
What we got here is a Rummy special.....

Andy said...

Right now, the only thing I care about is Michigan winning football games. If Brady Hoke can make that happen with regularity -- I will support him until the cows come home.

surrounded in columbus said...

sure. if the standard is "anybody but R2", we've made it.

two years from now when he's gone full "Chizik", you can give me the "told you so".

look forward to being wrong about this.

wingedhelmet said...

Welcome back Brady Hoke. I am looking forward to the beginning of your win streak over tOSU!


mpcuscg said...


Dierdorf said...

What's next? My wife leaves me for Jim Harbaugh ... again. WTF? on this hire. Guess we know that Carr is still calling the shots there. Brandon is done.

Dierdorf said...

Oh ... and Hoke is Chubby.

mpcuscg said...

Already up!


It took all of what? 5 min?

2193 visited and counting.


Mikoyan said...

You know it's not the sexiest hire out there but it might work. At least he can teach the fundamentals on defense. Hopefully, he can recognize what's there on offense and continue the trends there. Plus anyone that can turn around Ball State has to have some knowledge.

bigGexpress said...

Welcome coach Hoke and good luck.

Brandon must've hired the same consulting firm that Delany hired to come up with the B1G logo and the division names.

bigGexpress said...

Exactly Mikoyan, look at Ball State before he arrived and since he left. Let's at least give him a chance.

TenTex said...

LSU Fan Here, Congrats on your hiring of Brady Hoke. I had never heard of the guy before this week but what I'm hearing seems to be good. I've always liked Michigan and hate that other school Les beat the crap out of in 2007 to win our most recent NC. I hope this now puts a final rest to the "Miles to Michigan" rumors once and for all. We love Les down on the Bayou. Cajuns tend to be a little eccentric which is why we are finally embracing Les like never before. It just took some of our fan base a little longer to get over Saban. I think when Les got caught eating grass earlier this year it turned the corner for many of our Tiger faithful. Go figure. LOL

Good luck to Big Blue, I hope you can get back on top soon! I plan to travel up to a game in the next year or 2. Geaux Blue!

surrounded in columbus said...

There's a big difference between rooting for this guy & hoping it works out, and thinking this is a good idea and that he was the BEST coach available.

Everyone is going to do the first- what other option is there?

But few are gonna do the latter, either. If any other BCS program conducted a national search, would they have come up with Hoke? Not likely. He got hired because he was an assistant to Lloyd. That would not have held any weight with another program.

Maybe it'll work out. Let's hope.

srudoff said...

If you guys can go 8-4 next year, Hoke will be over .500 for his coaching career...

James said...

While he wasn't my first choice, it is nice to hear that Charles Woodson and Tom Brady are stoked about him.

Dierdorf said...

This has Carr's dirty hands all over it. Sad really. National search my ass!

whetstonebuck said...

I'm shocked, shocked.

I think Master Miles crashed and burned when he went mouth over marriage. I say Mrs. Miles told him it gets cold in Michigan when one is sleeping alone.

I hope your new coach gets the train back on the track. This Special Olympics program you've been running is quite tedious.

um45fan said...

Hey guys, I can't post on mgoblog but sure would like to address the people over there clamoring for Scot Loeffler for OC. These also seem to be the people content with the Hoke hire.

I realize this is getting ahead of ourselves but people seem excited about Loeffler possibly being our offensive coordinator... why? He's had his hands on Navarre (statue who was 1-2 against OSU), Henne (limited progression from freshman year and 0-4 against OSU), Mallett (transfer), Stanton (draft bust for Lions), Brantley (disappointment at FLA). Sure he threw passes with Brady as a grad asst and was part of Tebow's post-Heisman career, but being around the Great's does NOT a good coach make. Sure, that track record will make you sound appealing to recruits but if you can't develop your prospects what's so good about that?

He was not retained by RR. He was not retained by Schwartz. He was not retained by Muschamp. That's 3 staffs that have let him go and he's 35.

Hoke, Loeffler, Heater = Carr, Debord and Hermann. This is a f*cking disaster of epic proportions and I just want to make the point that those people who seem happiest about Hoke are also those who would be delighted to see Loeffler running our offense. Scary. Very scary.

In short, the people who wanted RR gone, are psyched for the return of Michigan football and the possibility of Scot F*cking Loeffler running our offense. 1 MNC in 45 years, but damn, at least we'll be competitive! Conservative f*cks.

surrounded in columbus said...

i am now "all in" for Hoke.


Dierdorf said...

I have that sick feeling in my stomach. The same one I got when my high school sweetie told me she had a bun in the oven.

Bigasshammm said...

Instead of taking the hot girl who might've required some extra "convincing" to the prom M chose the chubby girl who puts out. Way to settle.

The game in Dallas now looks like a disaster of epic proportions.

Tate looks like he has the best chance as the starter now net season since he's about the only pure passer. I could see Denard being turned into slot/wr/rb combo.

Either way I think I'll sit out next season.