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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Auburn wins BCS title giving SEC 5th consecutive crown

So there was that.

Auburn 22, Oregon 19.

I've never watched a more anti-climatic game that came down to the very last play. Just seemed...inevitable. And having the "Hey, I thought the play was over!" play basically decide the game was so fitting.

But props to Auburn on doing what they did all season: just win, baby.

Sadly, this marks the 5th straight BCS crown for the SEC and their 136-man recruiting classes. So until somebody else steps up and takes a title, the SEC is Zod and the rest of the conferences are The Man of Steel in Superman II right about now:

"Kneel before Zod!"


Catie said...

Am I the only one that is bothered by the fact that it is highly likely auburn paid Newtons father so that he would attend their school?

Mikoyan said...

Apparently. As I was watching the game I could hear was Cam Newton this, Cam Newton that. I hope they wiped their faces before the game...

Bigasshammm said...

I think I speak for everyone that we need some Oregon cheerleaders healing pics.

Well maybe not Catie and T9 but maybe Oregon has some guy cheerleaders.

All of college football took a loss last night. We won't know until about 5 years from now though.

Now to crawl back into my hole I've been hiding in avoiding anything that has to do with M.

kristy said...

I was lovin' the neon socks and wild helmets for Oregon!!! that team never fails to put it all out there as far as uni's go. It was almost too bright in hd! felt sorry for the cheer bimbos though...guess there's not a lot you can do with school colors of green and yellow but, ugh!!! I was sooo hoping they would win!! just to shut up the SEC faithful and those announcers that seemed to have a major chubby with newton's name all over it!

Andy said...

Last night won't even exist in a couple of years when the full story of Cam Newton's wild ride is fully disclosed.

I did find it interesting how pathetic the Oregon spread looked against a dominate defensive line. Also, taking a shotgun snap when you are on the one yard line has never made any sense to me at all -- and the Ducks proved that my version of common sense is not 100% crazy.

J said...

I am sorry that all of you are so caught up in wishing for something that will never be. Auburn under Gene Chizik is a clean program and that's fact. So instead of arguing, I will instead bask in the glow of that crystal football that my team, and my conference, claimed once again.

I get that you guys hate the SEC, and I understand why. But until your teams can beat our teams, well...?

I genuinely like Michigan as one of my favorite non-Auburn schools (Navy, Maryland and OK State being some of the others), and I hope that things work out with Brady Hoke and that Team Blue takes a big thick stick to tOSU for the next decade and then some. Maybe there is a crystal football in your future too.

Good luck with the new hire.