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Friday, January 14, 2011

A $2.5M buyout ain't what it used to be

MZone reader SiC sends us the pic below that's making the inbox rounds in C-bus.  Thus, there is no truth to the rumor that this was taken at the State St. exit off I-94 this week.

ED. NOTE: The pic above will make no sense at all if you're not familiar with this story.

ED. NOTE II:  As noted, SiC got this via email and thus wasn't sure of the attribution.  But if anybody knows, email me to I can HT.


Mike said...

Awesome. I spit Diet Pepsi through my nose just now...

Bigasshammm said...

Thought it was a 1.5 million buyout since it was after January 1st? Thus the whole reason he made it to the bowl game.

Chad said...


Mikoyan said...

Why does he look like Mozart (or Bach or one of htose guys)?

James said...

Bigasshammm - it went down by $1.5M after New Year's, from $4M to $2.5M.

Ramona said...

C'mon guys!! You have to admit it was pretty darn cool of the guy to donate all that stuff to the Salvation Army!! Seriously, give him some credit for being decent!!

IamCris said...

agreed, was a classy move.

Crock said...

I agree that the Goodwill donation was beyond decent. I have to say the only things I would've been interested in were from the Wisconsin game in 08'.