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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Uhhh.... I am sorry, no really I am.

After watching this video, I could not help but ask myself: What is it that these remorseful buckeyes could possibly be looking down at during this emotional and gut wrenching press conference?

Thanks to the power of the internet, I did some quick investigative work and came up with the answer.


phil said...

Can I put an asterisk on the 2008, 2009 and 2010 tUOS wins over Michigan since TP and Company were ineligible to play?
It's not like tUOS fans put an asterisk on our 1997 Championship.

Bigasshammm said...

What a travesty. I hate living here.

srudoff said...

8. Cry
9. Quote Josh Groban
10. join hands, sing and sway to the aforementioned Mr. Groban
11. Cry some more

phil said...

I like how the OSU administration covered these guys in full sweaters so none of their tats showed. Oh sure, that wasn't planned.

srudoff said...

yeah not like it's not 12 degrees in columbus

someone call michael moore!

srudoff said...

besides, Yost said all their tats were on their lower backs

holy crap - word verification is TRUCE, no lie.

tooo funny

hs8bern said...

First all 1997 was a CO-champion.
And second they were busted this year not previous ones,also they did sell THERE OWN property.
And as far as Iam concerned having those extra practices is more serious of a violation,cause they sucked ass on defense this year compaird to previous years.I mean you did not have Ed Martin type giving them cash at TOSU like U of M, they sold what there OWN stuff.

srudoff said...

in light of recent posts, i'd like to correct my previous one...

besides, Yost said all there tats were on there lower backs

Andy said...


This is a stupid argument. There isn't going to be any asterisks. And the 1997 national championship bull-shit hurt the buckeyes (and the rest of the B10) as much as anyone.

Just so you have the correct facts - The michigan/rr practice violations happened in 2008. Our defense sucked before and after that infamous twenty minutes of extra stretching.

Also, 2008 is the same year, based on the timeline provided by the Ohio State AD as the Tat-Five sold their rings, pants, and souls. It was only discovered this year because the FBI (or was it the IRS?) raided the tattoo parlor.

hs8bern said...

Again if I owned something and wanted to sell it,I should have every right too.And wow co-champion really stings you u of m faithful.Its more sad that these football players sound so dopey. But thats the sad state of ncaa these days its about the $$$$$$$