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Friday, December 17, 2010

Two-Minute Drill: Endangered Wolverines, Robot Athletes & Suggestive Buckettes

"Where are the uplifting Josh Groban tunes when you need 'em?"
Back of the line, Wolverine

There are only 250-300 actual wolverines left in the contiguous United States and that number is dropping due to climate change,  So the wolverine is being added to the endangered species list, right?  To quote Lee Corso, "Not so fast, my friend." 

Because of a backlog of other animals in even more grave danger, the wolverine will have to join the list of plants and animals waiting to be added to the list until space opens up.

Uh, I'm no expert in the field, but this sounds like a really shitty system.

(HT to Sru for the link.  And there is no truth to the rumor that he and his Buckeye brethren are currently trying to track down and eradicate that last 250-300 of the ferocious critters)

Photo via Michigan Exposures

The future of Michigan recruiting...in 2042

While it sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, researchers in Japan are working on the prototype for a running robot.  But judging from the video in the link, the robots still have a long way to go as the demo didn't go so well.

Either that or the previous head of the Athlete Robot program at Tokyo University, Tumoyutilloyd Ishacarri, left the robot cupboards really bare.

Sure, he runs a 3.6.  But can he major in General Studies?

Irony, thy name is Bill Stewart

Bill Stewart, who took over for Rich Rod at WVU, who won nine games in each of his three seasons in Morgantown, who tied for the Big East title this year, is nudged toward the door with the hiring of Holgorsen as "coach in waiting."

NFC West - Exhibit 'A' why I'm not in favor of a pro-style college football playoff

The division co-leaders are both 6-7 while a team that started 0-5 is in the hunt.  Welcome to the NFC West which is reason #427 why I'm not in favor of a 16-team pro-style playoff, no matter how many books Yahoo sports writers sell promoting one that includes 6-6 Sunbelt Conference Champs in the mix.

Her Mother Must Be So Ashamed

No, not for posting a sexually suggestive video on the Internet for all the world to see, but for being a Buckeye fan.  Scarlet letter indeed!


phil said...

Whet’s mom: (yelling downstairs) oh whet, honey, you’ve been locked down in that basement all day. What are you doing?
Whet: just studying a Buckeye video mom. mom, can I borrow your credit card?
Whet’s mom: (to herself) that boy sure loves his team.

Mikoyan said...

There has been a proposal to put the wolverine on the endangered species list since the mid 90's. The first proposal was shot down because not enough was known about the species. The second proposal was shot down because the group may just be an extension of the Canadian group (if we let that stop us, the Bald Eagle would have never been re-introduced). There were also some shenanigans with the Fish and Wildlife Service at the time. I think the current proposal is wallowing.

Mikoyan said...

On a side note, I did send an e-mail to my esteemed senior Senator about this.

Hemlock Philosopher said...

I'd rather have a "pro-style" playoff where a 6-6 Sun Belt team gets blow'd up in the first round against a BCS team with 1 or 2 losses than the BCS MNC charade that once in a while gets lucky, but is mostly controversial and still gives honors to teams like UConn.

Personally, I think Wisconsin is as good as Auburn and Oregon. TCU didn't lose all season either.

Andy said...

Because of my dedication to this blog -- I did some research on young Christine Ryder's web site this morning.

"People always asked me if I modeled or did any adult work and asked me to put up more sexy pics. So I started posting more and Myspace and Facebook constantly deleted them even though I followed the posting rules. From that point on I realized that I wanted my own website where I could post anything I wanted to. I figured why not, I love doing it. So here I am!"

Piercings: Ears, Nose, Bellybutton
Her favorite books: Twilight
Her favorite Musical Artist: Lady Gaga
Type of Men she likes: Strong, confident, open minded

Yost said...

Bless you, Andy. Bless you.


The strong, confident, open-minded Yost

justthinking said...

Way to take one for The Team, Andy!

The Team, The Team, The Team.

Yost said...

So true, JT. God knows what Andy's computer was exposed to in his drive for journalistic truth. That's why Andy is both a leader and legend.

Although, I must say, after reading young Christine's quote that Andy so diligently tracked down, I'm starting to feel a kinship with this misunderstand entrepreneur. I mean, talk about coincidence - people are always asking me if I model or did any adult work (no comment). And I too wanted my own website where I could put up anything I wanted to (like videos of girls like Christine). I figured I loved doing it so here the MZone is!

Folks, if those aren't some of the matches people pay big bucks on eHarmony to find in another person, I don't know what are.

Yost said...

And for the record...

Piercings: Left testicle, uvula
Favorite book: Football for Player and Spectator by me
Favorite Musical Artist: Lady Gaga (I told you we had something)
Type of women I like: wholesome, intelligent, college football fans who post videos on YouTube with links to their literary-minded, politically insightful websites

whetstonebuck said...


What's a basement? I live in the southwest.
The only people who have basements in this region are of a particular religious persuasion and use them as bomb shelters and food storage facilities.
I am not one of them.

whetstonebuck said...

By the way, ESPN is reporting that negative feedback has Delaney reconsidering the Legends/Leaders division titles.

616goblue said...


It was your dedication and journalistic integrity that kept the Mzone alive during the Spawn days...I'm glad you have not lost your touch, but broadened your expertise now that Mzone 2.0 is live.

I wonder if Christine's mom has a similar site--you know how I love Hot Moms!


Mikoyan said...

The reconsidering things is precisely the reason why companies need an official skeptic. Too many yes men these days. For instance:
I could put an annoying duck looking thing in the movie....
No, George, I don't think that's a good idea.

srudoff said...

"There are only 250-300 actual wolverines left in the contiguous United States and that number is dropping due to climate change"

I thought the two main reasons for the dwindling number of wolverines was 1. family values and 2. David Brandon waiting til after the bowl game...

whetstonebuck said...

"Family values," ahahahahahahaha...