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Monday, December 06, 2010

Violence (and stupidity) at USC-UCLA Game

ED. NOTE: This post has been updated (and its tone altered) with additional links and video as I've found more clips of a surprising amount of violence at the Rose Bowl on Saturday.  In fact, I ended up changing the title of this post from "Trojan Ingenuity" (due to the bottom video and its comedic asshattery) to the current title (due to all the violent asshattery I stumbled upon).

It's sad when the biggest hits in a rivalry game come off the football field.  But that's what happened before, during and after USC's 28-14 victory over UCLA.

First a 50-75 person brawl broke out on the golf course used for parking outside the Rose Bowl leaving two men with stab wounds and three men in jail, including one on a charge of attempted murder.  Two officers were injured trying to break up the melee.

And it wasn't just a bunch of drunk dudes before kick-off.  The women in the video below decided to settle their differences it in the stands during the game.

Then there was this:

Apparently from around the same time is this guy getting knocked out:

If you read the site regularly, you know I have zero tolerance for any kind of fan violence.  Period.  Folks always talk about when something like this happens how, "Someone's going to get killed one day and then what?"  Well, two someones almost did on Saturday - one suffering eight - 8! - stab wounds to the back and another getting stabbed in the face.  I hope anyone responsible for this crap gets the book thrown at them.  Thus, while we tend toward the comedy here at the MZone, I'm not going to make light of this melee these multiple melees.

But I will make fun of the knuckleheads in the video below.

Apparently a USC fan locked her tickets in the car and couldn't get them out. So, naturally, to solve the problem, she and her friends decided to:

A) Call AAA to have them come unlock the car.

B) Buy another ticket on the way in from some desperate scalper for $10 bucks (or probably less) since the game only drew 71,000 fans to a stadium which seats approximately 91,000 spectators.

C) Smash the vehicle's window with a keg.

If you answered "C: Smash the window with a keg," congratulations! You are one of the Trojan rocket scientists in the video below.


Andy said...

Brilliant. Not that it makes any difference, but I would be willing to bet not one of the people shown in these videos ever spent one minute inside a class at USC or UCLA.

I've been on that golf course a couple of times for Michigan Rose Bowl games vs USC (none of which we actually won) - and it can get a little scary at night after the game is over.

Yost said...

I've had just the opposite experience on the golf course after the RB, with the biggest problem being trying to find my darn car in the dark!

This is simply crazy.

J said...

Was I seeing things, or were both of the nasty bitches that got into it in the stadium wearing Bruin Blue? They were beating up one of their own kind? Why do that when there are so many worthier candidates wearing USuCk colors? If I had a choice between taking out a fellow Auburn fan who called me every bad name in the book, and some random bammer who said I was not a nice girl, I would smack the bammer every time. Just on principle.

Man, I hate California... the whole damn state is as fucked up as a football bat...

ilium55 said...

I am a USC fan and alum and I am saddened but unsurprised by Saturday's events. The USC - UCLA rivalry is heated -- it always has been. Sadly, the schools have chosen to consistently move the kickoff (traditionally at 12:30am Pacific) later and later because of pressure from TV. This means that people drink more for longer and get mean. In addition unlike games at the Coliseum, the Rose Bowl the crowd gets mixed up, with people tailgating at their cars, Bruin and Trojan fans mix. This is a bad idea.
I last attended a USC UCLA game at the Rose Bowl in 2006, USC lost 13-9. While seated in the visitors section I was struck on the head (glancing blow)by a full bud light can (I drank it), witnessed numerous fights, my elderly parents were taunted. Its a bad scene. Some of you Michigan folks might have attended the actual Rose Bowl game -- its a good experience, I've been to a few and never seen anything like what goes on during the crosstown showdown. Big 10 fans are always friendly, and the USC fans I've seen return the spirit in kind. In addition the game is early, and beer is served in the stadium (prevents the bing drinking phenomenon so common at Pac 10 games since the league went dry). I enjoy this blog (and am really glad you are back) and I hope that you all don't think this behavior is representative of USC fans as a whole (or UCLA for that matter).

Feelin' Blue said...

Yeah I get the feeling that any rivalry in LA that involves the colors blue and red just isn't going to end well. UCLA's gold doesn't really help matters either.