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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Some Michigan fans claim Carr responsible for latest WikiLeaks disclosures

(from MZone wire reports) Ann Arbor, MI - As governments around the world continue to reel over the release of thousands of pages of highly sensitive U.S. diplomatic cables, a surprising culprit is now alleged to be ultimately responsible for the unauthorized disclosures: former Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr.

Lleak Carr?
The allegation came as a shock to most in the diplomatic community as news sources point to Army Pfc. Bradley Manning as the person who secretly copied then gave some 250,000 cables to WikiLeaks.  But posters on several Michigan message boards say the blame clearly rests with Carr.

"His offense was predictable, he left the cupboards bare, he should have won every game and he failed to parachute off the Bell Tower holding a banner saying he supported Rich Rod.  He's obviously not 'all in for Michigan' so he's probably not all in for the United States either!" said poster GoBlueBill48256.  "It just makes sense."

MasonBlue422 agreed.  "Have you heard Carr ever once come out in support of keeping diplomatic cables secret?  No.  You haven't.  Not once!  Uh, hello?  Do I have to draw a fucking map for you!?"

When the MZone said that such a map might be helpful and asked for proof about these unsubstantiated allegations, both posters appealed to the mods at their respective boards, had us banned and thus we were unable to continue the interview.

The WikiLeaks allegations mark only the latest ill apparently caused by Carr.  Since his retirement, some members of the Michigan fan base have blamed him for global warming, the tragedy in Haiti, Justin Bieber, and all that has ever gone wrong with Michigan athletics.


phil said...

All a bunch of lies. Oh, I suppose next he will be blamed for making the most storied program in college football history (and ranked #5 in the nation), lose to a I-AA team for the first time in history..........oh wait.

whetstonebuck said...

Well, I for one cannot wait until Carr gets hauled in front of some type of Congressional oversight committee. Imagine his visceral reaction when sitting across from the austere chairman of this fact-finding body: THE Senator, Jim Tressel. That oughta even the series.

whetstonebuck said...


Wow! I hope the pros snatch this guy up. tOSU's worst/best nightmare.

Hemlock Philosopher said...

I'm sure GoBlueBill and MasonBlue have detailed statistical and graphical evidence to support their claim.

Never mind that we just lost to our arch rival by 30.


BaggyPantsDevil said...


Carr before Congress would be epic.

After a few glares that cause several grown men to wet themselves Carr would simply respond to each query with "Why would you ask a stupid question like that?"

bigGexpress said...

C'mon Yost. Carr is obviously responsible for Justin Bieber.

phil said...

bigG - the NCAA has determined that Carr negotiated for $180,000 to get Bieber his singing gig, but Justin had no knowledge of the deal, so he is still eligible to sing.

Mikoyan said...

So anyways....Michigan practices 18 minutes longer and it gets sanctions....Cam Newton denies knowledge of his father taking money and Auburn gets nothing...What the hell? Does the NCAA also get all glossy eyed over the best conference in college football?

Yost said...

Great point, Mik. Does seem more than a little unfair.

phil said...


Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee says in the future, he will stick to running the university and leave comments about college football to the experts. Gee told the Dispatch he has since decided, "I need to keep my mouth closed."

In a show of solidarity, Whetstonebuck and Sru also have decided to shut up. Let's see how long it lasts.

Mikoyan said...

Oh well, they'll award the Heisman to Cam Newton only to have to take it away again.....

whetstonebuck said...

Time's up!

srudoff said...


One things for certain, Carr wouldn't be shaking any hands in congress afterwards either.