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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

SEC = Sign Everyone Conference

If there is any question in your mind as to why the SEC has developed into the top conference in college football over the last 10 years, this should give you a good answer. Dirtbags.

That sound you hear is Les Mile's chance of ever becoming the Michigan football coach going down the toilet.

EDIT: I posted this after a friend (a Florida alum and fan) sent it to me.
His comments were pretty funny:
Two things:
1) At Florida, we're accustomed to at least 10-20 players being incarcerated on felony charges and thus being ineligible putting them under the 25 limit.
2) When did Terry Bowden start preparing for his reprisal of the role as Jabba the Hut? He's huge.

After I posted it, Yost informed me that MGoBlog also had it up. So, HT to Brian. I hope that every college football blog in the country puts this up, the NCAA starts caring and the SEC is forced to change their ways.


Yost said...

So glad you posted this, Andy.

What complete bullshit. The NCAA must step in and do something about this.

Gee, you think maybe this has something to do with SEC vs. B10 success recently? 103 vs. 86? What a crock of shit.

dtw2phx said...

Wow. And to mess with these kids' heads when they leave them in limbo and then drop 'em like a bad habit...with a form letter.

Integrity obviously means nothing to them. Sad.

Andy said...

Brian Cook at MGoBlog has been beating the drum on this for months (years).

It is nice to see ESPN pick up the torch and run with it.

I hope the NCAA gets involved and shuts this crap down.

Mikoyan said...

So this might be why Nick Saban was looking into this medical scholarship thing?

Mikoyan said...

Oh yeah...On a personal note....I finished a couple of my photography projects....





beast in 'bama said...

Terry Bowden stars as:
a) Jiminy Glick?
b) Scott Calvin/Santa Claus(e)?
c) Mark Mangino?
d) Kirstie Alley?

Joking aside, Donald Jackson (the attorney from Birmingham) might not be successful in his efforts, but he will make some (additional) noise about this. His reputation locally is of a very straight shooter who will work tirelessly to right a moral wrong.

"The Turk" should only be confined to NFL locker rooms...

justthinking said...

Mik -

I'd love to see the same shot from the exact same location each time - especially with the trees going through their changes seasonally. All in all, great stuff with all of your projects. I can't imagine the miles you put on your vehicle with so many trips North.

wv - jealous

Mikoyan said...

Justhinking, if you go through the posts from the year, I think you may see that. I tried to get the same spot everytime but since the DNR would probably not like a little X on the ground, it was not easy. Actually, it was my mom's car that got most of the miles as she liked tagging along.....And I never realized just how long this state was until I started this project.....