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Monday, December 06, 2010

Say hello to MSU (no, not that one)

As you probably know by now, Michigan is playing the Mississippi State Bulldogs in the Gator Bowl.  And while I'm sure Andy is already thinking about our Know Your Foe for this match-up, here are some quick bullet points to get you up to speed on U-M's opponent.

RECORD:  8-4, 4-4 in the SEC West (5th place)

COACH:  Former Florida offensive coordinator Dan Mullen who's in his second season (MSU was 4-8 in '08 before he took over, 5-7 in his first season)

BEST WINS: Usually wins against Georgia and Florida - in The Swamp - would be huge, but neither the 'Dawgs or Gators lived up to expectations this year.

"BEST" LOSSES:  MSU's four losses came against the cream of the SEC crop this season: Auburn, Alabama, Arkansas and LSU.  The Auburn loss was by just 3 points, the Arkansas set-back by 7.

SCORING STATS: The Bulldog offense averages 27.1 points a game and their defense gives up an average of 20.3 points a game.

OFFENSIVE:  MSU averages 394 yards per game (215 ypg rushing - second only to Auburn in the SEC - and 178 ypg passing)

DEFENSE:  The Bulldog D gives up an average of 358 ypg (236 passing, 122 rushing)



According to their athletic site, "the most unique and certainly the most resounding symbol of Mississippi State University tradition is the cowbell. Despite decades of attempts by opponents and authorities to banish it from scenes of competition, diehard State fans still celebrate Bulldog victories loudly and proudly with the distinctive sound of ringing cowbells."

Which leads to the very reason for putting up this post:


Bigasshammm said...


We'll see how RR's team prepares itself.

whetstonebuck said...

Totally off thread.

Turn out the lights, Dandy Don Meredith has left the building.

This hurts.

J said...

While it totally works for Bruce Dickinson, the cowbell is the most God-awful nightmare in all of the SEC. The MSU "fanbase" (with even more "sidewalk" alums than bammer has, which is saying a LOT) are total mouthbreathers. Y'all will leave that game grateful for the tOSUers. I highly recommend earplugs - they are only supposed to be able to ring those stupid bells at certain times or risk a fine, but since none of them can read the rules anyway, they tend to ring them whenever the hell they want to... and the SEC has done NOTHING to stop them.

Not to mention that their new head coach still has sand in his vajayjay over Cam Newton signing with Auburn over MSU. I think he took the MSU job - which is a coaching death sentence - only because he thought he was going in there with the best player in CFB at his side. He knew what Cam could do - he coached him at FL - and he saw an opportunity to use Cam to make himself look great at an otherwise shittastic school, leading to a bigger opportunity than he would ever have with the bottom tier talent MSU normally gets. He genuinely thought Cam would choose MSU over Auburn, Oklahoma and Tennessee.

Fat fucking chance. Have y'all SEEN Starkvegas? Holy shit. I totally agree with the alleged statement made by Cecil Newton, that it would take more than a scholarship to get his son to MSU. I would feel the same way. It would take an offensive line strong enough to keep my gifted son from getting his ass kicked on every other play. It would take a university with whom my gifted son could be proud to have his name associated. It would take the genuine possibility that my gifted son would be surrounded by players decent enough to actually make a run for the SEC West and be a national contender.

MSU has never and will never have or provide ANY of those items. And the list of SEC schools that will be allowed to recruit my son one day is down to 9...

So even tho I am supposed to pull for the conference, MSU can kiss my sweet ass.

Go Blue.

War Damn Eagle.

srudoff said...

And yet Auburn only beat MSU because of a TON of dropped passes (and a dropped INT) by MSU..

J said...

At the end of the day, the W went into Auburn's column, not MSU's. And that is really all that matters. We basically gifted them with points off a few turnovers at the beginning of the game - our first road game and first conference game of the season, BTW - so to say they were on the verge of beating us in their own right is a stretch. So "coulda woulda shoulda" is not worth discussing.

MSU is not going to Glendale, Auburn is. And I would even be willing to bet that MSU will NEVER play for a crystal egg. They are second tier at best. Granted, second tier SEC is generally better than the top tier of most other conferences, but any success MSU has will be more out of sheer luck than talent level and skill. The fact that they can recruit at all is amazing to me. I repeat - have you SEEN Starkvegas? /shudder/ /gack/

benzadawgfan said...

Attaboy J! Show that Auburn class! I know you're upset that the whistle was blown over Mr Newton's underhanded ways, and while he has been found eligible to play, there is an investigation ongoing. Btw you may recall Cam himself preferred Starkville to Auburn, and chose Auburn because daddy said so. Enjoy basking in the glory of your undefeated season & possible national championship for a few months, because that is about how long you'll have it.

You barners had better hope Cam decides to stick around another year, because without him this year, you would be sitting at hope working on your fire gene chizick site.

Let's see in 5 years where Mullen is, and where Chizick is. Chizick will be making a comeback at a directional school in Montana. Mullen, making millions at a BCS school.

benzadawgfan said...

Btw, our lack of talent is displayed by our class being ranked right where Auburn's was year before last. Another top 5 class may be rough to come by with the NCAA sniffing around.

J said...

MSU is a stepping stone for Mullen - nothing more. Since his Cam plan for SEC West domination didn't quite work out, it will take him a bit longer to pull you guys out of your "last in the West" comfort zone, but he will do it - maybe all the way to 3rd best. (Dude, you are in a conference with Auburn, Alabama and LSU - 3rd would be a pipe dream, but even a blind pig finds an acorn every now and again...)

And as soon as he does that, then some other decent school will be in a coaching crisis and will grab him up, thinking that if he can effect a turnaround at your second tier program with limited resources, he can work miracles at a school people actually want to attend. Mullen has already said he is a Yankee boy at heart - he won't be hanging out in the Deep South for long.

So you keep holding on to your Cowbell wishes and Boones Farm dreams, puppy dawg... but the worst lies are the lies we tell ourselves. Good luck with that.

J said...

NOTE: Just copied this straight off CFN.com article about five top choices to replace Coach Urbs at FL... it's like they are in my head!!!

Y'all can just call me Sister Cleo...

Dan Mullen, Mississippi State head coach: After what he did making MSU a player in the SEC, and with the way he's able to recruit, he would be the best fit to come in and build on what Meyer has done. If Mullen could do what he did in Starkville, he might be able to do wonders in Gainesville. The former Gator offensive coordinator was the Tebow whisperer early on, and he knows how to run the spread that brought so much success to the program. He left on the best of terms and didn't burn any bridges, and not even MSU would be too upset if Mullen made the jump. Already in the mix for the Miami job, MSU is a stop-gap for Mullen.