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Monday, December 27, 2010

Props to Ohio State Fans: Yes, you read that correctly

ED. NOTE:  No drugs or alcohol were consumed prior to the writing of this post (although I did inhale a copious amount of exhaust fumes yesterday while stuck in a shopping mall parking structure traffic jam for so long I thought there was a 50/50 chance I could up as a segment on DATELINE).

Okay, this is going to be a very short post as it pains me to type it, but...

From what I've read on several Buckeye-biased outlets, I've been shocked - and frankly impressed - that a large portion of Buckeye Nation Unincorporated Township feel Terrelle and his tatted teammates should not play in the Sugar Bowl even if the NCAA says it's permissible.  From the Columbus Dispatch, to the Tosu student newspaper The Daily Crayon The Lantern, to the regular Buckeye readers of the MZone, it seems a great many who bleed Scarlet and Gray are voicing the opinion that TP et. al embarrassed themselves and their school, and thus shouldn't play in the Sugar Bowl, even if the loss of several star players could cost Tosu the game.

Sure, some are questioning the severity of the five game suspension.  With so many opinions on these here Interwebs, that's to be expected.  But very few, to my knowledge, are making excuses for the players or minimizing their actions.  Surprisingly, about the only ones doing that seemed to be coach Jim Tressel and OSU AD Gene Smith.

Instead, many of the Ohio State faithful are saying the to-be-suspended players don't deserve to wear the Scarlet and Gray in the bowl game.  This stands in stark contrast to what I've read - or more precisely, haven't read - from Auburn outlets regarding the Cam Newton situation (and by "situation" I mean his father shopping him around for $180K and Cam "not knowing").

Unless I missed it, not only was there no outcry, there was a circle-the-wagons mentality against the accusations and any accusers. 

So...props...Buck...eye...fans...who... support... doing... the... right... thing.

Shit, that was difficult to type.

Okay, now back to our regularly scheduled mission of mocking the Bucks and its fans.


whetstonebuck said...

Your faith in human decency is admirable, but it may be a backdoor attempt at creating a legitimate reason for losing another bowl game to an SEC team.

Dark forces are at work.

Then again, the Buckeye nation may be looking for a pound of skin over the selling of the little gold pants. Unconscionable!

Dennis said...

Yost, I have lurked here and at the spawn for years. A former co-worker, who is a Michigan fan, introduced me to the site. I was sad to see you go and delighted when you came back to fight the good fight for saving The Game.

Anyhow, I appreciate the kind words, though I agree with Whetstonebuck, I wonder if some of our bretheren are looking for a way to excuse a lost. I do believe though there is a serious chunk of the fanbase who are legitmately upset. I think if you win an award you can do with it what you want. However, that isn't the rule and I don't buy, no pun intended, they didn't know.

Of course, if you guys could hold up your end of the deal, we wouldn't be swimming in gold pants, either.

Wehtstonebuck, did you go to the High School up the river from OSU? Just curious about your name.

whetstonebuck said...


No, I did not. Several Ohio folks have asked me that. You must have a town or something around Columbus with the same name.

I picked the name based on the mountains by my house in AZ.

wv = wiscoma. Insert your one-liners here ______.

GoBlueBob said...

Whets.... I always wondered why you always sounded like you were whining. Now I know why..



Dennis said...

Right up the Olentangy River about 5 miles north of campus is Whetstone High School.

whetstonebuck said...


You are a bad boy. Wrong valley.

whetstonebuck said...

Whetstone High School? Has a nice ring to it.

My kids went to Tombstone High School. Yeah, that "Tombstone." It also has a nice ring to it.

Bigasshammm said...

At least this season has really brought to light the abundant problems with the NCAA. It's almost as if it's becoming it's own mafia and the people are just taking notice. What a joke college football has become.

J said...

**sigh** That’s the problem with being at the top – the little people want nothing more than to knock you down.

As the resident SEC poster and representative of the Auburn Nation, I have read the recent MZone spat of SEC-bashing articles in silence, but enough already.

Regarding the Auburn Nation, OF COURSE there was a circle the wagons mentality. We weren't defending Cam per se - Auburn is bigger than just one player - but dammed if we are going to sit by and let our beloved program itself be slandered for something we did not do and had no involvement with whatsoever. If you will recall, the CONVERSATION about Cam took place with representatives of Mississippi State – NOT AUBURN. So why should we tolerate Auburn being continually dragged through the mud? ESPN and the NYT were so fucking desperate to try and make something nasty stick to Auburn that they nearly choked on the lukewarm retractions they had to make regarding Auburn's involvement - that is to say, NON-involvement, since the NCAA has completely cleared Auburn of any sniff of wrongdoing.

I agree with the tOSU fans that there is no way these kids didn't know what they were doing was against the rules (I won't say "Wrong" because I think it is a stupid rule - it was their shit, and if they want to sell it, fine.) And if AUBURN had been directly implicated in any PFP scheme... if AUBURN boosters had been exchanging texts with a player's dad... if AUBURN coaches had been involved in the Cam Newton situation in any way, I guarantee you would have seen a similar outcry from the Auburn Nation because the implicated player was on the field. We'd be calling for heads to roll and player asses to be on the bench or off the team. But all that shit happened at Miss State – Auburn was not involved. Period, end of discussion.

Not to mention that the continued comparison between Cam Newton and Pryor is bullshit. With Pryor, MONEY CHANGED HANDS. With Pryor, THE ATHLETE HIMSELF WAS THE ONE DOING THE FINANCIAL TRANSACTION. No question about who knew what and when. Those two things right there make it just apples and oranges, my friend.

Whether Cam knew or didn't know is not my concern - if the NCAA said he is eligible, then he is eligible so suck it, haters. At the end of the day, they were satisfied, and that is all that matters.

I know this offends all the glass house owners out there, but trying to make this about Auburn and the SEC instead of a bad parent and a scummy pseudo-agent is just wrong. When you read the SI article about Josh Luchs paying college players – most of them were players from the Big Ten and the ACC. I am not saying the SEC is spotless, but for Michigan and tOSU fans to sit up on a pedestal and tsk tsk down on the SEC is blatant hypocrisy (maybe jealousy?)at its finest.


War Damn Eagle and GO SEC.

Andy said...

Nice try J.
I needed a good chuckle this morning. Your defense of the "rules following moral fortitude" of the SEC is a real knee slapper.

Do you honestly think that Cam's dad was only looking for money from one school? Cam did not sign at Mississippi State because they refused to pay the $180K. He did sign with Auburn. I am sure it was only because he saw the fantastic opportunity of playing for the Tigers.

Even Pat Dye and his friends are at the bank laughing at you.

Shorty the Beachcomber said...

Last I heard, Cam Newton told that same MSU employee who was trying to "recruit" his services that he was going to Auburn because, "The money was too great." Direct quote.

Cam was emotional about not going to play for Dan the inventor of football Mullen. Cam made it clear in that phone conversation that Auburn paid the right price and it was too much to pass up. Of course the NCAA didn't admit this as evidence itself because all it is is a witness statement who also has a motive to see Auburn fail, and thus Cam got off.

Oh and by the way, throughout time Auburn (and the rest of the SEC programs) have been and continue to be fucking dirty. You are dirty, admit it. Maybe you don't wish that to be the case, but your program is historically one of the dirtiest (or at least is among those who have been caught the most).

One last thing. Jim Tressel doesn't have a ball sack. Like the Newtons he has no guts. I would love to be 9-1 against Tosu, but I would also be embarassed to see my coach make a call so blatantly in the favor of money and competitive advantage over accountability and the right thing. Pathetic. And I don't care to hear about the environment today and some other excuse as to why this is OK today. Bo never would've stood for it for a second, and my guess is neither would've Woody.

P.S. The NCAA hasn't cleared Auburn of anything. The investigation is still ongoing. Cam just gets off... for now.

hs8bern said...

Suspend them now! Again Iam a OSU fan and this is disgusting to me.
Its a dam shame that fans even support them.

J said...

I love all the armchair lawyers around here citing as "proof" a bunch of bullshit written by Thayer Evans - a freelancer for the NYT, fired from the Houston Chronicle for writing the same kind of made-up shit about two TX recruits a few years ago. He fabricated a bunch of shit about Mack Brown and payments to the mother of one of the recruits, and suddenly he was conveniently seeking other career opportunities.(Google it…)

Despite how much people wish it were true, there was no formal NCAA investigation of Auburn University in relation to any PFP scheme because Auburn was not involved. TN, OK & FL all said the same thing – no one ever made any overtures about money during their recruitment of Cam. Sure, they would say that now, but hey, smoke and fire, right? Isn’t that the gold standard?

Bashing Auburn now for things that happened back in the Dye era is a non-starter. Everything in college football today is “What have you done lately?” and right now, Auburn’s answer is “Everything right.” I strongly believe that since Dye was ousted, OUR program at least has been clean, and at the end of the day, Auburn is the only one I care about. And I'll take my connections to the Auburn Athletic Department any day over anything written by Thayer Evans.

I absolutely do believe that Cam's dad only talked money with MSU - mainly because I believe MSU offered it in the first place. If it’s so easy to believe that Cecil was shopping Cam to everyone, why is it so hard to believe the opposite? That Rogers was looking to make a quick buck off Cam because of the Mullen connection? That the money was offered by MSU boosters and just considered by Cecil? His church was in financial trouble, and all of a sudden, here's a way out of his trouble. Can you tell me that in the same position, you would not have at least CONSIDERED the money? And why couldn’t Cecil have reconsidered and decided to send Cam to Auburn to get him away from Rogers and the dirty money connections? Had Cam been playing at MSU this year, they would be 0-12 right now and he would be riding the pine. Isn’t it coincidental that no one at MSU reported anything about money until 2 weeks AFTER he spurned Mullen and signed with Auburn? Hmmm…

I realize that it is a better story to make Cecil the bad guy, but the allegations can be made either way. If there is a bad guy in all this, Rogers is the most likely culprit. One indisputable fact is that Kerry Rogers is a KNOWN scumbag and runner for an agent. In fact, Rogers was in trouble a couple of years ago with the Auburn AD well before any of this mess happened. Rogers’ son wanted to play basketball at AU but was caught up in some AAU shenanigans via his scummy dad. Auburn stopped the kid’s recruitment immediately and banned Rogers from campus. No, no sour grapes there, either.

I never said the SEC is pristine. (See: bammer) SEC boosters are rich and powerful and many times wind up doing more harm to their beloved programs than good. But for you to be so naïve as to believe tOSU and Meeechigan are both pure as the driven snow is laughable. So careful with your glass house… It’s not the old “well, everyone else is doing it so that makes it ok” – but rather “everyone else is doing it, so you better be careful pointing fingers at other people unless you are 100% sure your program doesn’t have a sugar daddy sitting out there somewhere …” Karma, she is a bitch.

If I had known that all it took to blow up a football program and ruin a kid’s career was allege that I discussed offering a kid some money to play, I would have fucked bammer up YEARS AGO. Unfortunately, it takes more than say-so and hearsay. It takes proof, and in the absence of it, well, fuck all y’all. Enjoy your annual trip to the Woodshed Bowl courtesy of an SEC school.

J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
whetstonebuck said...


J, didn't you go on a tirade like this, oh, say about 28 days ago?

Just wonderin'?

srudoff said...


Cecil admitted he asked for money

of course only after they showed that they had text messages FROM him on how he wanted the money laid out.

funny you're not concerned whether Cam knew his dad was pimping him out. deep down you KNOW he knew. yet since the ncaa says he's eligible,you're ok with that. The ncaa says pryor and the others are eligible to play in the sugar bowl yet osu fans are calling for them to miss it. you won't find us saying 'suck it haters' like so many auburn fans are.

so go ahead and blame the writer of the story, even though, hey it turned out to be true. you probably still think there's no steroids in baseball because jose canseco is the one that originally brought it out in the open. hey kill the messenger, there's no problems!

continue to live with your head in the sand regarding auburn and pray that all of the rumors regarding your boosters and that bank are ALL untrue - but as they say, where there's smoke, there's usually fire.

Andy said...

This is twice in less than I week Sru and I are on the same side of an opinion. I just may have to start agreeing with our new friend "J" -- this just doesn't feel right.

srudoff said...

The SEC and their idiot fans can pretty much get any opposing fans on the same side.

J said...

Whet, I'll be honest here - the main reason this is such a touchy subject for the Auburn Nation is that in an instance where we did everything right and not one thing wrong, we are still getting vilified from every angle. And we are all pretty sick and fucking tired of it. We aren’t used to this - bammer fans are the assholes in this state, not us.

The gossip and rumor and innuendo have overcome the reality of the situation. Y’all, and the rest of teh innerwebs, know just enough to say you know something, and you fill in the blanks with wild ass guesses dressed up as fact where you have no damn clue. I should remember that it does no good to argue with those who say to hell with the facts (what few are ACTUALLY known and aren’t speculation.) People who couldn’t even find Auburn or Starkville on a map if I spotted you Tennessee are suddenly have personal insider knowledge about what someone said to the NCAA or all the intimate details of a recent FBI investigation of an Alabama dogtrack owner/wannabe casino magnate who happens to have given a lot of money to Auburn (as well as to Troy University, Tuskeegee, AND the University of Alabama, but that’s beside the point, right?) Wow, I knew Yost was connected but I had no idea the FBI routinely shared information about ongoing investigations on internet message boards!! Whooda thunk it? (Let me play spoiler for you - he bought politicians, not football players...)

Reality is that the best college football player in the last decade, maybe even the last two decades or more, plays for my beloved university. Talent is talent and there is no denying that he has it. All the nasty comments in the world can't take away the incredible comeback in the Iron Bowl, or that sensational run against LSU. In a little less than two weeks, my Auburn Tigers are playing for a national championship, something only one other team in the country can also say. And we intend to enjoy every moment of it. If Cam was not the best player in CFB, and if Auburn was not playing for the crystal egg, this would never have been a story at all. So forgive us if we get a bit frustrated and peeved, but all the bullshit is getting really old.

surrounded in columbus said...

so, Cecil asked MSU for cash, and then sent his son to Auburn, for free?

was he just window shopping w/ the Starksville crowd? seeing what they'd say to his request? for the fun of it?

and when they didn't fork over $180k in small bills, he just said "to heck w/ that!" ('cause he's a minister, after all), and told the boy to go where ever he wanted to- money didn't matter anymore?

wow. and i thought tosu fans were in denial.

J said...

And karma comes home to roost sooner than expected. This was in Al.com this morning in response to all the SEC-bashing. Auburn's program is corrupt? Auburn is buying and selling?

That's not what the numbers say:

An excerpt:


Consider some of the findings in an excellent investigative series published by The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch in May of 2009.

Ohio State's hometown newspaper tried to survey every Football Bowl Subdivision program. One category was NCAA violations the schools had reported from 2000-09.

Of the 69 schools that responded, no one reported more violations than Ohio State, with a total that exceeded 375. No doubt many of those violations were secondaries, but the newspaper detailed several that involved extra benefits.

Like former quarterback and Heisman winner Troy Smith getting suspended for two games for accepting $500 from a booster.

And the football player who was flown on a private plane by the shoe company Adidas in 2003 for an offseason trip to Los Angeles, which included free meals, lodging and tickets to a Lakers game.

And the undisclosed number of football players who were paid $130 each by a booster in 2003 to sign autographs and play golf at a convention.

If any compliance office in America should've been educating its football players about the evils of extra benefits, it was Ohio State's. Yet the school has argued that the current players didn't know that selling their stuff was against the rules.

If true, this case goes beyond an eligibility issue and becomes a question of institutional culpability.

But... but... but... I thought this was an SEC problem? tOSU fans should just be damn glad that only suspensions were handed out. Except for that whole "getting your asses kicked by the SEC in Bowl Games" thing, it sounds like tOSU would otherwise be right at home in the SEC, since us Southern rednecks are so corrupt and all...

Andy said...


Let me make sure I follow your logic train here.... You have put on your little dutch boy costume as your are attempting to stick your finger into the college football internet rumor dike while beating your chest about what a clean programs the SEC and Auburn runs while proclaiming Cam "LoJack for Laptops" Newton as the greatest college football player in "two decades or more" AND you choose to use Ohio State as the dirty program case study while banging away on your keyboard on a Michigan centric blog.

It might be time to talk to someone about changing your meds.

J said...

tOSU has been in the paper most recently, and my post was in response to srudoff, who I believe is a tOSUer, right? So there's your connection. My point was that no conference is pristine, and for Big Ten fans to snicker and point to the SEC is just hypocritical.

I apologize for conducting this conversation on a Meeechigan board, but since many hrecent posts have been negative and SEC-centric rather than specifically Michigan centric, I figured you guys were open to hearing the other side of the debate from someone who had a dog in the hunt and a little better understanding of the situation from players, their families, close friends who are boosters and members of the AUAD. I apologize again if I was mistaken and you prefer to hear only the sensationalized version.

Considering that I hate tOSU nearly as much as I hate bammer, which is to say with the heat of a thousand white hot suns - and that I have always been a secondary Meechigan fan, I think I am going to hang around. I like it here...

You guys are always welcome to come and invade my personal space too - my primary home is


We are rude, crude and socially unacceptable, and we welcome damn near anyone. The primary focus, of course, is Auburn football, but there are plenty of other random discussions going on as well - sports and otherwise.

Y'all come.

Andy said...


Don't get me wrong. You are a very welcome addition to this place. I want you to stay. It will help balance out the buckeye squatters that have taken up residence without paying rent.

But please don't think we are going to all transform into Gary Danielson and start proclaiming the SEC as the greatest conference in the universe. It just isn't going to happen.

I have a very healthy level of respect for the football and baseball programs down there. My son goes to LSU and I hear all of the propaganda from him every day. The reality is, while the SEC has had a string of BCS titles, there really isn't a huge gap between the teams in the B10 and SEC. If you take a look at the head-to-head bowl match ups between our two conferences over the last couple of years , the big ten actually has an advantage. and that is with one of our top teams (cough cough Ohio State) rolling a zero.

I won't even go into my counter argument on your statement regarding Cameron Newton as the best player in decades. Was he the best this year? Sure. Is he the best ever? Please. I would submit that he isn't even the best Auburn Tiger ever. For my money, Bo Jackson was head and sholders above Cam.

At the end of the day, we all have our opinions. I believe what I believe based on my perspective and experiences. I assume you do the same. Your ability to convince me (or my ability to convince you) is pretty limited.

surrounded in columbus said...

Gary Danielson? same guy that says you can't win "big" games w/ a spread offense?

assume he won't be watching Auburn - Oregon game...

J said...

I would LOVE for Gary Danielson to call the Auburn - Oregon game. Then when his head explodes at the SPREADSPREADOMFGSPREADAAARRRGGGHHH, there would then be two different bodily fluids to be cleaned out of the broadcast booth. I am not totally sure they will ever get all of Verne's love juice out of the Florida press box (TEBOWTEBOWTEBOOOOHHHHHH MY!)

Ok, so we shall agree to disagree about how awesome the SEC is. Glad to hear about your son at least, Andy - I am married to an LSWho grad so our kids are halfbreeds. Lke I said, I am not on the MZone by accident. Death to all things in any shade of red!

Here's a real question for y'all - what can we expect from the Big Ten officiating crews in the BCSCG? I know that every conference has it's little peeves (SEC = ANOTHER fucking holding call?!?!? /pounds head on coffee table/) What are they gonna be focusing in on? Are they by and large good crews, or are they prone to nit pick the little shit and totally fuck up the important stuff? (Yes, I AM talking to you SEC ref Marc Curles, you excessive celebration calling motherfucker).

I'll hang up and listen.

whetstonebuck said...

You had me at "squatter."

Chad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chad said...
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Chad said...

The NCAA is laughing at you haters.