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Monday, December 13, 2010

New Division Names: Legends and Leaders

BTN and Jim Delany just announced the new Big 10 division names: Legends and Leaders.  Michigan is in the Legends division.

* Big Ten Coach of the Year award now called the Hayes-Schembechler Coach of the Year.
* Top defensive player award now the Nagurski-Woodson Defensive Player of the Year (after Charles Woodson and the other dude who didn't play for Michigan)
* Top receiver award now the Richter-Howard Receiver of the Year (after Desmond Howard and another dude who didn't play for Michigan)

Here's the new logo with the teams in each division:

For a complete list of the new Big 10 awards and trophies, click here.

For a look at all the logo variations, click here.


sporter said...

We waited this long for a bland logotype design?!

Shorty the Beachcomber said...

All three designs FAIL! Adjectives is so new age PC hippie crap. LAME! The logo is just a WTF how is this representative of the 12 teams? Why even change logos for this? I bet there will be a lot of negative press on this. Not to mention the Stagg-Paterno Big 10 championship trophy (JoePa has been in the Big 10 for 17 years, get his ass off that trophy name), and the Grange-Griffin MVP award (how about just Red Grange to go historical and go all-time on the list. No player still alive should have his name on that retarded trophy.

FAILS all around!

BaggyPantsDevil said...

If the goal was to come up with the most pompous division names ever, they nailed it.

And, I keep trying to find the optical illusion “12” hidden in the logo but for some reason can only see a “1”, can someone help me out in finding the “2”. (sarcasm)

Additionally, I hate to be a math Nazi but shouldn’t the Big 12 and the Big Ten just exchange names?

As college football lurches into the future more and more things just cannot be justified any longer(the Big 12 has 10 teams, the Big Ten has 12 teams, if you break our rules we’ll punish your school after you’re gone, UConn goes to the Fiesta Bowl and Boise State goes to the MAACO bowl, computer algorithms help determine the champion, Cecil Newton, a chamionship game played in a thing called Lucas Oil Stadium, etc, etc).

Sigh. I’m going to go curl up in the fetal position and dream of a world with strict conference bowl affiliation and all the bowls played on 1 January.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

Oh and for Wojo's "Maurice Clarett Award for Best Off-Field Indiscretion" I say we go with the "Maurice Clarett-Art Schlichter Award for Best Off-Field Indiscretion"

Hemlock Philosopher said...

This is an assy load of fail ass.

sporter said...

This just in... Big 10 Design Department wins the AOL/Gap Logo Redesign Fail of the Year award!

AOL Fail: http://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/archives/aol_logo.gif
Gap Fail: http://www.pressreleasecentre.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/gap-new-logo-300x300.jpg

dtw2phx said...

Sorry but I don't even like the 'Legends and Leaders' deal. Might as well say 'Has-Beens and Yeah, Rights'.

How 'bout: Sweet n Sour? Good n Evil? Right n Wrong? Left n Right?

Hell with it, just go with 'Sucks' and 'Ass'.

phil said...

BTN and Jim Delany = Dumb and Dumber

Shorty the Beachcomber said...

How to sound like a smug, San Francisco hippie D-bag:

-Hyphenate all trophies by using multiple names.

-Name all sub-groups/divisions with adjectives thus making no actual statement while trying to appease all by saying something positive with the adverse consequence of actually declaring nothing, sounding like a pussy, and being forever ridiculed.

surrounded in columbus said...

over the years, i've met a number of people in business- lawyers, business owners, etc., who were REALLY good at one thing (usually their main focus of business) and just complete idiots at most everything else they did. whatever their line- making widgets, for example- they were absolutely terrific. but whenever they tried anything else, from buying real estate to picking stocks, or investing in other businesses, they immediately lost their metaphorical shirts.

that's what Jim Delany reminds me of- he's really, really good at running the conference- expansion, BTN, TV & bowls contracts- he's damned near peerless. but as soon as he lends his hand to something else, like say marketing or PR (or steps in front of a microphone, for that matter), he's a boob.

his handling of expansion, adding Nebraska, creating 2 divisions, splitting Michigan & tosu but still keeping the end of season game, and working out a play off game, has over all been great. and then he spits on his own creation w/ these gawdawful names for divisions & awards, and not to mention this sad looking logo, and almost makes you forget how good the underlying accomplishment is w/ the lousy labeling.


J said...

Holy crap.

And I mean that literally.

WTF is your Commish smoking?

I hope that marketing group got paid in Moon Pies and Dr. Pepper, because that logo is worth about $3.87.

Yeah, I agree with Shorty - "Hey, I know! Instead of being, you know, all creative and stuff, let's just use a hyphen to name the awards so we won't offend ANYBODY! Wheeeeeee!" And instead, they offend EVERYBODY.

That is just sad beyond comprehension.

Yost said...


But he BOTCHED the divisions & M/OSU, which was the very reason I returned to the blogosphere.

First, putting M/OSU in different divisions is and was idiotic. Should be the like Bama/Auburn - same division and only one can go on.

Second, he was going to CHANGE the end of season spot for The Game. Only when the FANS of both schools united in protest - M and Tosu fans together?! - did it remain at the end of the season.

Third, that fight isn't over. The schedule is only for the first two years and there is no guarantee that M/OSU will remain the last game (this according to OSU's own AD).

No, if it was up to Jim Delany, M/OSU - which BUILT THE MODERN BIG 10 - would be some late October/early November game by teams in different divisions thus rendering it as meaningless as the once-great OK/Neb game in the "old" Big 12 and the current FL/Miami game.

I think he's succeeding in spite of himself on several fronts.

sporter said...

After this redesign you kind of wish they would have listened to Al Grivetti, the graphic designer of the 'old' big(11)ten logo.

"Q. How might you redesign the Big Ten’s logo if you had the chance again?

A. When they went to 11 [members], I actually gave them a 12 and a 13."


GoBlueBob said...

I am still just going to call them the Bo and Woody divisions and call the trophies by what they are for without the names in front. I still hate that all of the bowl games are now the "Tostitos Fiest Bowl" and the "Capital One Bowl" (which I still and always will call the Citris Bowl), etc. Even the Rose Bowl has the "presented by whomever" after the name. There is a fine line between marketing and prostitution and all this stuff has crossed that line. I guess I am just too old fashioned.

GoBlueBob said...

I forgot to comment on this yesterday but Hammm texted me and told me our tailgate made it on the pregame for the Big Chill. I watched the recording when I got home from work and it was cool to see my son's and our tailgate group chanting Let's Bo Blue. My youngest son also was interviewed and a very short section made it to air. They were talking about how early the tailgaters got there and they asked him when we arrived. We actually were later than we normally are and did not get there until 6:30am but the
FSN girl thought we were crazy.

ChicagoWolverine said...

Fail - i think that sums it up.

bigGexpress said...

That new logo reminds me of about ten or so years ago when the local triple A baseball team had an elementary school contest to rename the team and make the logo. Geesh!! I can't believe they seriously did all of this. They need a new PR guy (or girl).

Mikoyan said...

Shouldn't Michigan be in the Leaders division anyway? Maybe the could have had the Leaders and Best Divisions instead....Or Victors and Valiant....

Legends should only apply to Mustangs.

bigGexpress said...

Personally I would go with "The Victors" and "The Buckstash." :)

Crabapple Buck said...

Yost is absolutely correct. Using the KISS method and dividing east-west (and naming them as such) was the best way to divide the conference. They have taken something simple and complicated it beyond comprehension. Whatever they paid their consultants, and you know they paid someone, they should have the right to expose them to public ridicule so that they never work in that field ever again.

Mikoyan said...

I think they wanted to split the dvisions so they didn't have one division stacked and the other division not so stacked. Although I think they could have still done that geographically (either east-west or north-south). If I were going to do it, I still would have kept Michigan and Ohio State in the Same Division (which still could have been done Geographically). If you do it East West:

Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan State, Indiana, Purdue

Minnesota, Illinois, Northwestern, Wiscy, Iowa, and Nebraska

North south would have been a little trickier and you might have to split Michigan-Ohio State.