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Saturday, January 01, 2011

MZone Holiday Twitter Drive

ED. NOTE: New posts below this one. Just leaving it up top over the holidays for our Twitter Telethon.

Dear MZone Reader,

Want to help your favorite one of your favorite the Michigan-centric college football blog that shows the most semi-clad coeds on the Interweb?  Please follow us on Twitter.com/MZoneBlog.

Since returning several months ago and expanding the brand across platforms, I've grown to really like the Twitter.  It's a great way to give folks a short burst o' funny, let them know when we have something up we're proud of and helps grow our readership.  But right now, we have a very un-Ashton Kutcher-like 230 followers and I would love to see if we can increase our numbers.   I have a number I'd like to hit by the end of the year but I'm not going to say it lest we fall short and I embarrass myself.  So I'll just give you a hint by revealing it's between 231 and 1.4 million.

Thus, like the Salvation Army guy outside the mall ringing the bell (who dresses eerily like a member of the Tosu marching band), I humbly beseech you to give to the MZone this holiday season not with your wallet but by following us on Twitter and recommending the site-slash-our Twitter feed to any of your Michigan-loving college football-following friends.  It would be most appreciated.

Thanks for reading!  Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging below.


phil said...

Perhaps a promo like, "win a big ten championship ring or sportsmanship award". join today!

TitleIX said...

230? That is sick numbers compared to my seven @SpawnsTitleIX....

Let's tweet people!

Bigasshammm said...

I avoid Twitter like the plague. I really don't understand what it's possible use is.

TitleIX said...

Faster than texting particularly when you have more than one person you want to connect with.
Instant gratification and critical for breaking news events or emergencies

And then there is the plain ol unadulterated narcissism of it all ;)

whetstonebuck said...

"And then there is the plain ol unadulterated narcissism of it all ;)"


I refuse to enable your disease.

- An admirer

616goblue said...

You wanna come on over to myspace and twitter my yahoo until I google all over your facebook?

Catie said...


Crock said...

glad to be one of the original 230 :)

Mikoyan said...

I'm still stuck in the dark ages....Shit, I just learned how to blog a couple years ago....Now you want me to start another time sink?

Speaking of said blog....the staff of Michigan Exposures wishes all the MZone readers a happy and safe new year.