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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Move along... nothing to see here


Andrew said...

I have "schadenfreude" German for "shameful joy" over this. What morons.. Do they leave tosu for pros...oh wait potential lockout...no national championship...no heisman....

srudoff said...

f* pryor

bigGexpress said...

This is the moment where everything does truly come full circle and I am really, not just glad, but truly joyful that Pryor did not decide to come to MICHIGAN. I'm not going to apologize for being a "homer" on this one. But man, does Pryor lose all credibility or what?
This rivalry is sacred. And to sell a pendant-medal-goldpantsthing-whateveritis, for winning the greatest rivalry game-competition in the history of man. Talk about a traitor to your own kind. This is just despicable, that's how I see it. Epitome of selfishness!!!

justthinking said...

I, for one, am glad that we have probably the most humble of any elite athlete in Denard Robinson. That kid is a pure class act - I can't wait for him to get his due.

Looks like Prior just got his - selfish prick. Think of the team next year - especially all the other seniors and how this effects their final season and where they end up.

Big G - I too have been thankful for a while that Pryor chose tOSU over us -- this is just icing on that cake. I love me some icing.

Mikoyan said...

Why do I have this feeling that Pryor is going to bolt for the NFL and none of this will really matter to him. Granted, he may not go in the first round..but sometimes it seems that lower round quarterbacks turn out better...less expectations on them and generally they go to a team that has time to develop thme properly.