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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas, back Monday (unless there's any more Tosu trouble)

Hadn't planned to post yesterday...then Christmas came early to Michigan bloggers.  And couldn't resist two more stocking stuffers today, which you'll find below for your reading pleasure.

Have a fun, safe and overall fantastic weekend.  And check back Monday as we've obtained some exclusive TMZ-worthy photos that will reveal just how big the Tosu Tatgate scandal really is.

ED. NOTE:  By popular demand, we have moved our Christmas card up to the top post.


Mikoyan said...

A more proper Christmas greeting...


bigGexpress said...

Look I love this blog, and Merry Christmas," but is all of this cheating buckeye stuff really worth making visitors scroll two-thirds down the page to see your Christmas photo? What is really important this time of year? I'm just sayin'.

Andy said...

self portrait of me in my new christmas present.

Yes, it is safe to view.

srudoff said...

here's what i got myself -

found it at a little shop in columbus

Yost said...

Interesting article in the Dispatch I linked to on the buffet. Columnist says the guys involved should all sit for Sugar Bowl, no matter what NCAA says.

Andy said...

Nice game winning kick by Jay Feely. It is always great to beat the Cowboys.

One question.... Why does a kicker need gloves in the Arizona desert?

whetstonebuck said...

"One question.... Why does a kicker need gloves in the Arizona desert?"

The air conditioning was set too low.

Andy said...

Wake up this morning to a tough TV choice...

1989 Rose Bowl win over USC on ESPN Classic or the 2001 Citrus Bowl win over Auburn on BTN.