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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last minute stocking stuffer for that Buckeye on your list

It's December 23rd and you haven't had a chance to get a Christmas present for the nice Tosu grad who mows your lawn or delivers your newspaper in the morning.  What to do?

Never fear, the M Zone is here.

May we suggest some lovely Peel and Stick Tatts/Stickers?  For that Tosu fan who doesn't have any autographs, gold pants or "sportsmanship awards" to barter but still wants to tat up like his favorite Buckeye! 

Only $4.99 plus 5/12ths of your 2011 eligibility

(Big HT to SiC!)


surrounded in columbus said...

so, call this the "stocking stuffer that never was".the wife & i are going to new orleans for new year's. aside from the game, it should be a fun trip.  she's going to the game w/ friends (i'm not sure if i'm going or not- will be an alcohol induced game time decisions).as a lead up to that, i picked up a few stocking stuffers, including the tosu peel & apply tatoos, pictured here.  thought she'd think it was funny. and before today?  she would have.after today?  no way she'd believe that i already had them and wasn't rubbing this in.oh well.

Yost said...

I call this a fantastic Christmas present to us here at the MZone, SiC. Thanks!