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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Joe Paterno is almost 84 or has AT&T: Neither is good for your hearing

So JoePa was doing an interview with WDAE in Tampa.  JoePa's gonna be 84 this month...or, as Spencer at SBNation-slash-EDSBS says, maybe he just has AT&T.  Either way, it was hard to listen to (on many levels):

(HT: SBNation)


phil said...

He is a grand ole man and deserves tremendous respect. If he were my dad, I'd throw those discount hearing aids away and buy him the best on the market. Geez, sometimes those hillbillies in Pennsylvania are clueless.
1st- have the best ENT clean out the ears.
2nd- buy the best hearing aid.
Problem solved.

GoBlueBob said...

Phil.... What????

GoBlueBob said...

Regarding Andy's buffet item on the stolen books.....

"His microeconomics book was worth $100, and another book titled “How to Become a Master Student” was valued at $20."

If he was in the College of Fish and Game would he have a book called "How to Become a Master Baiter"?

phil said...

GoBlue - LOL
Oh and from now on I want to be called Legend Phil, no wait......Leader Phil. Gosh, I just can't decide. Maybe we ought to put it up to a vote:
Legend Phil
Leader Phil
......they both sound great!

Yost said...

Why limit yourself, Phil? I say go Legendary Leader Phil

GoBlueBob said...

Everyone knows that only Yost can be called our legendary leader.

hmbfossil said...

Yost and Andy...

"The Legends and best!"