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Friday, December 03, 2010

From Deep Behind Enemy Lines: M Hockey at Tosu

UPDATE:  Ohio State - 3, UM - 2  OT

Tosu tied it up with :10 seconds left in regulation after Michigan missed an empty net goal twice by inches in closing minute.


MZone reader Surrounded in Columbus just sent the following pic from the M/OSU pre-game skate in C-bus.

If he sends more, we'll put 'em up.

Go Blue!

Tosu's hockey banner (singular)

Script Ohio on ice.


surrounded in columbus said...

Et tu! Red?

bigGexpress said...

SiC, this one hurts really bad. Sorry you have to be a first hand witness to the absolute ownage!
At least we still have hock...coughh coughh ah heh heh blech!!!

surrounded in columbus said...

it's me. it's my personal curse dragging all of you down w/ me.

if i bought a funeral home? people would just quit dying.

Yost said...


surrounded in columbus said...

it was good "talking" to you tonight.

if i ever join "Michigan Fans Anonymous", i'd like you to be my sponser.

hi, my name is SiC & i'm a Michigan Fan.

room full of people: Hi SiC!

Andy said...

It isn't you SiC. It is Lloyd Carr's fault.

surrounded in columbus said...

Works for me. I'd blame that grumpy old codger for 9/11, but he was more likely involved in causing Pearl Harbor

Mikoyan said...

Those are nice pics.

Thick & Chunky said...

Ahh yes, I had the...pleasure(?) of attending this game. Very disappointing that the game tie goal came with under 50 seconds left in the 3rd. I was glad to see Michigan fans out in force though. Last year when I went to the UM-OSU game, I felt truly surrounded but it wasn't as bad this year.