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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Even if we did it in jest it wouldn't be as "good" as the real thing

Oh, where to begin regarding the video below I saw in a comment thread on MGoBlog...

Fuck it.

Watch. Manually shut your "agape" mouth. Leave a comment.

I hope that was staged.   Seriously.   If not...


J said...

And here y'all were whining that the SEC is just chock full o' rich powerbrokers that buy and sell star players on a whim...

My guess is that the Arky guys, while real, were a skosh exaggerated (the B-I-L was a wee bit too much), but the tOSU guy is fer realz. I am thinking they were out on their hunting lease for the weekend and decided to fuck with the local yankee.

Generally when a real redneck gets ahold of a video camera, you get something like this:


All hail the queen of the bammer nation...!!

War Eagle! Go Blue.

srudoff said...

i was going to poke fun at the good ol' boy calling him an "implant" ....

till I saw the man boobs on the OSU guy

implant(s) might have been the correct word choice

Yost said...

LOL, J! Oh...my...gosh. You gotta warn me on videos like that lest I spit take on my computer screen. Wow. I mean...wow.

LOL, Part II, Sru. Yeah, I'm not sure who comes off worse there.

whetstonebuck said...

I can't tell you how many banjo-scored flashbacks I just experienced. I expected Ned Beatty to saunter into the store and inject himself into the debate.

J said...

Yost, if you liked that little rendition of the bammer alma mater, she has a whole series of videos on teh YouTubes... the best one is shot outside. You can see the edge of her double wide, and a van with a scooter hitched to it. See, there is just no need to make shit up about bammer fans. They HAND you the ammo, cock the piston and even place your finger on the trigger for you...

Andy said...

Awesome porn movie quality acting.

I bet not one of you noticed the tatoos on the elbows of the buckeye fan/register worker. I wonder how he paid for those works of art?

I am waiting for the sequel shot in Arizona, where an Arizona State fan walks into a McDonalds and interviews Whet.

whetstonebuck said...

Hey! Knock that crap off.

wv = humbl. Need I say more?

phil said...

It is obviously staged. The tUOS guy was thinner and in better shape than your average tUOS fan. He was also better spoken than a Buckeye fan. And finally, he was employed in a responsible position...not where you'd find most tUOS fans employed.

Mikoyan said...

Okay.....Normally I would root against the Buckeyes, but I really don't want to see the Ohio STate fan wearing just a hat....I couldn't inflict that on people. But then the Arkanas guy's brother has basically the same bet...and Iowuldn't want to inflict that on anyone....so this is a case where I hope that God smites both teams.