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Monday, December 13, 2010

Douche move by Jets coach on sidelines

With things slow on the college football side of things, we turn our attention to the pros (unfortunately).

Yesterday, during the Jets/Dolphins game, corner Dolphin back Nolan Carrol was running down the sideline on punt coverage and Jet strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi put his knee out just enough to trip him.

Total dick move.


J said...



phil said...

yost, what part of "the twelfth man" don't you understand?

Andy said...


Come on Yost....

This isn't that bad, everyone is doing it, this guy just got caught.


phil said...

andy, that's too (SMU) funny. at least it's not as if the coach came and punched the guy in the face (where have i seen that before?)
-i am confused about the rules. wasn't the player out of bounds? are you allowed to run out of bounds and then get back into the play?

TdK said...

You Can tell that the Jets are coached by a Ryan (thug).

They were gooning it up against the Lions when they played them, and I'm just waiting for the news that Rex Ryan is putting bounties on players like his old man did.

What a bunch of tools.....

Bigasshammm said...

I'm interested to see the Roger Goodell hammer come down on this guy and the Jets as a whole. Looks like another person at the unemployment line soon.

whetstonebuck said...

Always disparaging the "Woody Effect." It's not cheating if you do it for the camera. It's art.

Nickname unavailable said...

He thought he was on the subway.

Bigasshammm said...

Suspended for rest of the season and a 25k$ fine. Plus there's no way he has a job next season or ever again in the NFL.
Good riddance.

His tearful apology was utter bullshit. Dude can go to hell. I'd love it if the Dolphins team or player sued him.