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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Cincinnati Bearcat Mascot Arrested for Throwing Snowballs

What is it with mascots this season in Ohio?

The Cincinnati Bearcats mascot was arrested Saturday for disorderly conduct after he refused to stop throwing snowballs at the crowd. 

As you'll see in the video below, the dude in the suit (identified as Robert Garfield) began chucking snowballs at folks in the stands during Cinci's loss to Pitt.  When an officer asked him to stop, Bearcat guy got pissed and shoved the officer, causing them both to fall to the ground.  He was then arrested and a "back-up mascot guy" replaced him in the second half.

No word yet if Bearcat will take on the Bobcat in UFC: 985. 


Jeff said...

this. is. awesome.

surrounded in columbus said...

remember how i keep worrying about the oldest at college ending up on youtube???

well, she's good friends w/ this guy, hangs out w/ him at games, etc. she forwarded the links to the vids before the game was over. fortunately, she didn't end up in any of the vids, but only by accident.

though, i suppose, if she WAS going to end up in a youtube, this one would have been more tolerable than some of the other possibilites.


rumor has it his sentence will involve community service- shoveling snow?

srudoff said...

i thought cincy was ohio's bcs team?

wasn't that their slogan recently?

Andy said...

The best part is the SiC's daughter in the background.... "you guys should stop recording that, it really isn't funny...."

whetstonebuck said...

You guys are playing Miss.State in the Gator Bowl. Should be a good test.

surrounded in columbus said...

does sound like her