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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Championship Game Saturday Open Thread

While Michigan's regular season ended last weekend, there's still some great football left to be played today.

Leave your thoughts, comments and what-not on all the action here.

(For a post pic, here again is one of my favorites this season from Mikoyan over at Michigan Exposures)


Mikoyan said...

Third times a charm...:)

IamCris said...

I have many thoughts now and decided to keep my cable tv active until I learned what bowl game Michigan went to.

Those are my related thoughts.
Other random musing?
I drink beer in the shower after work.



phil said...

I, for one, am pleased with the new NCAA attitude. I feel our plan should be to get our large donor supporters to go to the best athletes in the country and take their parents aside and tell them not to tell their child, but we could advance a nice sum of money if they persuade their athlete to go to our school. Hell, it’s legal now, so why not? We could assemble a team of 5-star players and really be competitive.
(note: this is sarcasm. I do not understand the rule. Anyone care to explain to reasoning behind Newton’s ruling? And is it now legal to go to the parents and get their support using cash?)

Mikoyan said...

The ruling is because everyone is fawning over Cam Newton. He apparently is the new blow job giving athlete out there. Within about 5 minutes of ESPN, I've heard his name mentioned 300 times (at least)

srudoff said...

I for one am pulling for the beavers and ' cocks today

StClairShoresBLUE said...

Havana Harbor sounds like Ann Arbor! "Remember The Maine"!!!!

TitleIX said...

Sru, maybe "pulling for" is your problem???;-)

Anyone else like the orange shoes of OSU?

TitleIX said...

And, in other news.....
Michigan Soccer beats Maryland in OVERTIME to advance to its first ever Soccer Final Four.


Mikoyan said...

There is nothing I like about OSU. I hate the scarlet. I hate the gray. I hate the stupid Sweatervest. I hate Terrel Pryor. I hate Columbus. I would say I hate Ohio but there are parts of it that I like.

Anyways, I am on my way home from Sunny California.

TitleIX said...

Oregon State University. The school to whom you refer is forever known as tUOS to me....

beast in 'bama said...

Re: Cam Newton
It's 2010. Isn't this what Terrelle Pryor was supposed to be by now?

I'm looking at you, scientists.

Mikoyan said...

Sorry...instinct of when I hear OSU....Although I figured that you were talking about the one named Beavers and not Assholes.

srudoff said...


Even Josh Groban is making fun of RichRod now!

TitleIX said...

Rumor has us going to the Gator Bowl to play the Gators......
Redemption game for RichRod?

surrounded in columbus said...

anybody else pondering the general irony of the world, given that UCONN is Big East champ & headed to a BCS bowl?

and yes, playing UF w/ their miserable offense would be an interesting opportunity for this year's team, including R2.