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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Buckeye "War on Christmas"

Mom wants me to clean the basement then my WORLD OF WARCRAFT clan is getting together for that thing WARCRAFT clans get together for.  So light posting today. But here's one little nugget I wanted to pass along...

To illustrate the real "War on Christmas," we present this "Ohio State Christmas Tree" video from YouTube. The tree, ornaments and song are what you'd expect. But what had me shaking my head is the framed picture of Superman hanging in the sparsely furnished apartment.  In fact, best I can tell, it's the only thing hanging in the apartment.

Why do I get the feeling that living in his mom's basement and attending WARCRAFT get-togethers would be a step up for this guy?


phil said...

In one of her darker moments, Lois Lane decorates for Christmas after a three day meth binge.

Andy said...

Love the framed Superman pic on the wall.

Bigasshammm said...

Yea seriously what's wrong with Superman? I'm more appalled that the man of steel has to be in the same room as that tree.

No lie if we had had a boy recently I was naming him Kalel.

GoBlueBob said...

Superman is the only one who could be constantly exposed to that awful music...er..noise and not be impacted. Might be a different story if it was an msu tree with green kryptonite decorations.

Mikoyan said...

Gee, I thought this would be Mascot Man's Christmas special or something. But no, it's just a spinning Christmas tree and Hang on Sloopy. And why Hang on Sloopy anyway?

to soothe your eyes:

whetstonebuck said...

You bunch of losers.

The music was so encouraging, I think I'm going to head outside (around 75 deg.-suckers!)and work on the ol' homestead.

By the way, that is obviously Jerry Seindfeld's house. If it's his basement, I assume it's larger than the "Big House."

Last, but not least, my mom trims her tree with tOSU ornamental lights. You got a problem with my mom? We can step outside and settle this.

Bigasshammm said...

My mom made me a Michigan Wreath a few years ago. It's still hanging in my garage. Although some of the things on it have been removed and used elsewhere.